Southern Tasmanian Association of Nudists

PO Box 601
Australia   7010


E-mail:   Phone:  0428 931 237

Welcome to STAN!

Serving nudist families, couples and singles, in the Southern areas of Tasmania, Australia.

What sort of people are members of STAN?

Visiting STAN is really just like going to any other social activity, like going to a restaurant or to church. You'll meet lots of families, lots of children, and lots of singles. Nudists include every major religious denomination, the entire political spectrum, all ages from newborn to elderly; all shapes, sizes, and physical conditions including missing body parts, all educational levels, and all races, brown, black, white, yellow, and pink.

We have jobs, we commute, we complain about traffic, we pay our bills and we pay our taxes, we vote, we send our kids to school and worry about their safety, we shop at the same stores you do. We put our pants on one leg at a time (but of course we also take them off one leg at a time).

The one thing that can accurately be said about all of us is that we are very accepting of nude bodies -- our own and others' -- just the way we are. This can be wonderfully therapeutic, especially for those whose body image is poor. People have told us that the first time they felt good about themselves was when they visited a nudist club.

One of the nice things is that you can't tell a teacher from a truck driver, or rich from poor. Social status becomes unimportant. We don't care where you shop, what kind of car you can afford, or where your kids go to school. The most important consideration is what kind of person you are. Setting aside those artificial barriers could be part of the reason people find nude recreation so stress-relieving.

Surveys show that over 23 percent of adult Americans (and there is no reason to think that the Australian figures would be any less than this), have participated in mixed-gender recreation without clothes -- skinny-dipping while hiking, on a beach or in a private pool, or hot-tubbing with family or friends, for example. That's more than one in five of your co-workers, or people you worship with, or members of the Parents & Friends at your child's school! Unfortunately, the vast majority of these have not yet joined a club.

When people who have experienced clothes free recreation "go public", saying, "What's the big deal? I've done that!", nudists will begin to gain the respect and acceptance that we deserve from the public, media and all three branches of the government.

In summary, all kinds of people are nudists, and any person you meet at work, or at play, is quite likely to be a nudist, either openly secretly.