John's BIG Surprise!

 John Reaches Half a Century!          
(posted July 8, 2007)
   7/7/07  turned out to be Renegade John's lucky day! Even though his birthday was still 3 days away, fellow Skulls got together and helped John welcome his 50th year of making life on earth more enjoyable for everyone.

   There was lots of beer and BBQ, and even though the rain kept everyone inside we had a blast! John wants to thank everyone for a great 50th birthday, which now officially places him in permanent "Daddy" status.

    Carrol also says thanks for making John's party a true surprise. Events like these are why the Southern Renegades are here! 

(Below) Eric and Bubba helped co-host this star studded event. Eric even baked the cake himself! (and then put it a plastic container that looked an awful lot like those you get at Sam's Club.) No soggy cake at THIS party!



There were many who orchestrated this clever ruse! (and brought beer and stuff.)


And, it is written, that on that rainy night in Mobile, the Renegades ate their sacred cake from plates of solid gold...


Brian demonstrates a unique sense of well being.



John & John Ask:

Why just READ your birthday cards when you can EXPERIENCE them?



Special effects like these costs thousands.


A Magical Evening...

Chris was NOT told what kind of party this was... and, quite frankly, was shocked.
...still, others fled into the darkness in a fruitless attempt to get away.


Many were amazed at Josh's unique ability to regurgitate icing on the cake in a variety of decorative ways.


 ...and then, there's THIS


As an unidentified elbow looks on, Rafael reaches for his red-eared slider, a last minute gift for John.


I believe there's a bit of icing behind your right... oh, no. It's gone now.
(Caption not needed.)