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Member's feature: STEAM/GWLS over the years

A little look back at what I displayed at previous Great Western Lego Shows.
By David Tabner

The GWLS at the STEAM museum in Swindon has been the largest regular UK AFoL show for several years now. I've been going as an exhibitor since 2007 when the old boiler hall was cleared of rolling stock to make it available for functions and events, and the show expanded.

2007 - My first solo train layout (two running loops), at the first big STEAM Show. Apart from the GWLTC collaborative layout, mine was the only other train layout there.

2008 - With a little bit of practice in doing train layouts now; I switched to a donut type layout so I could reach everything and expaned to three running loops, plus I took my army and also contributed my first viaduct sections to the collaborative layout (with James Shields, Peter Corish and Warren Elsmore) in Caerphilly hall.

2009 - I integrated the viaduct with the layout, and had an elevated line, making a total of four running loops. I was only able to do this because I had a flat at the time which had a large open floor space enabling my to pre-build it all. (The ships are Jonathan Nolan's).

2010 - After three years of layouts, I wanted to do something a bit different. So I built one of my desert forts instead. And I rebuilt the viaduct with two-metre spans and end towers, though it had to stand alone (see beyond the fort, below).

2011 - Having rebuilt my temple model for the WitC/Showcase in Brighton LEGO store, it became available for STEAM so I decided to expand it; building a large sloped step for it to sit on and a big raised bailey to stretch out in front of it and raise it even higher.

2012 - Back to trains and a group of us from the SLTC put together a linear type layout, in Caerphilly hall. I brought my latest viaduct - a twin track version, plus my old East Brickley Station and my new Brickgate Station, plus the fiddleyard.

2013 - Second SLTC collaborative layout. My stuff is at the other end this time, including the completely rebuilt Brickgate Terminus and a new design of long-span twin track viaduct. (Just one of six train layouts at the show.)

2014 - Who knows?