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Events for 2019

Saturday 4 May:  Peter Philips 'A Briton in Brussels'
for voices and Instruments directed by John Bryan at Scaynes Hill, East Sussex.
Saturday 25 May: Baroque suites for suitable instruments 
directed by Julia Bishop at Scaynes Hill, East Sussex.

Saturday 22 June: Workshop for singers 
directed by David Allinson at Challock.

Saturday 14 September: Purcell The Fairy Queen 
for voices and instruments, directed by John Hancorn at Clapham and Patching (near Worthing). 

Saturday 26 October: Voices and Instruments 
directed by Patrick Craig at Bexleyheath.

For other early music events organised in the SEMF area, 

Other events,

St Mildred's, Canterbury,

Cori Spezzati