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Forthcoming events

Events for 2017

Saturday 25 November 2017
Charpentier, Messe de minuit
Workshop for voices and instruments directed by Andrew Griffiths

Events for 2018

Saturday 3 February 2018
Consort Day at Moulsecoomb
Details and booking form to follow

Sunday 18 March 2018
Handel for chorus and orchestra, directed by John Hancorn
Smarden, Kent

Saturday 14 April 2018
A polychoral tour of Europe for voices and instruments
Directed by Alison Kinder 

Saturday 12 May 2018
Top tunes of the Early Renaissance
Loud Wind Day directed by Lizzie Gutteridge (York Waits)


Saturday 23 June 2018

Choral workshop with David Allinson

St. Gregory’s Centre for Music, Canterbury

Details and booking form to follow


For other early music events organised in the SEMF area,

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St Mildred's, Canterbury,

Cori Spezzati