About SEMF

Early Music Fora cover England, Scotland and, through the Border Marches Early Music Forum, Wales. All the Fora organise playing days, some promote concerts and professionally tutored workshops, some organise early music competitions and summer schools. If you want more information about a Forum in your area, please refer to the Links page.


Southern Early Music Forum (SEMF) exists to further the interests of early music in the area of Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, the Isle of Wight, East Sussex and Kent.


The Southern Early Music Forum covers an area of Southern and South Eastern England already well served with concerts, festivals of early music, early music summer schools and workshops. We have chosen, therefore, to concentrate on tutored playing days for a membership made up of competent but adventurous early music enthusiasts who enjoy playing with like-minded friends. Many leading teachers and other experienced players live in our area and give generously of their time to plan, organise and participate in these inspiring events.

The playing days are designed for players of both early and modern instruments who just love playing the early repertoire on whatever is available. We cater for all: those with modest experience, and those who have spent their lives grappling with early instruments of every description. We are not musical snobs but we are music lovers. We hold approximately seven events each year throughout the SEMF region.

Non-members are invited to try one of our playing days. A diary of current and forthcoming activities is available from the events menu.


SEMF publishes a regular newsletter to inform members of forthcoming activities and general events in the early music world, as well as descriptions of recent SEMF events and reviews of books, concerts and recordings. The Editor is always willing to receive contributions from members for the Newsletter.


Membership of SEMF is open to anyone with an interest in early music. Subscriptions are due by 1 March. Members receive a copy of the Newsletter approximately quarterly and are able to participate in SEMF events at a reduced members rate.


SEMF is run by a small committee with representatives from each county area in the Forum.