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Doomsday Preppers

Okay, so the name of this National Geographic special will tell you right off the type of slant that the producers were trying to give the show.  Also, below are some comments from the lady that appears in the special which she made on a prepper board after watching the show.  Below her comments are the YouTube videos from the show.  With all of that being said, I have to brag on our Southern boys!  By far the most sustainably prepared!
Comments from Prepper:
1, there's a part where it shows a delivery truck coming at night.  She said that never happens, the producer only added it for drama.  Said it would be even more suspicious having a truck showing up in the middle of the night to deliver orders.
2. The producers had an anonymous "expert" review everyone's prepping.  Please take into consideration that this expert more than likely does not know the particular laws or restrictions for that state or area.
3. Before the show started the first producer wanted to focus the show on the wisdom of preparing for any type of disasters, but a second producer took over and decided that would not get enough audience, so he named it Doomsday Preppers to grab attention, and slanted it to appear like they were zealots.
4. Before the show started, she said that they asked her to make certain expressions so they could edit them into the show if need be.  So she had to make a disagreeing expression, an agreeing expression and an "I do not understand" face.  These expressions ended up being edited in during the "expert's" comments.