Canning Bananas

When I first heard of this concept, I have to admit that my thought was WHY??  But after reading the article and thinking about yummy banana bread, I had to reconsider......

How to can bananas
by The Prudent Homeaker
Canned bananas are perfect for making banana bread, banana cream pie, popsicles, and for putting in smoothies. They also make great baby food! You'll need a good abundance of bananas, as it takes about 6 bananas to fill a pint. If you find a great deal on bananas, you can stock up!
Lemon juice, or citric acid
Peel, mash and puree ripe bananas (discarding any bruised spots). If you have a small amount, a blender will do just fine. If you have a large amount, though, you many want to go a bit faster than a blender will allow.  When I can bananas, I pull out my  food strainer. 
I stick the peeled bananas into the top, and push them down with that red tool you see on the right.

Then, I crank the handle and I have wonderfully smooth bananas. (This is also what I use for making applesauce and grape juice. With apples and grapes, the seeds and peels come out as waste in the little side bowl (the metal bowl). With bananas, there isn't really waste, so just add anything that comes out that side back in with the rest of your mashed bananas).
Pour mashed bananas into a large pot. Add a small amount of lemon juice (a couple of teaspoons per 4 quarts or so), Fruit Fresh or citric acid to prevent browning .
Heat to boiling, stirring often to prevent scorching.
Fill hot jars to within 1/4" of top.
Seal with lids and rings, and waterbath 20 minutes for quarts, and  15 minutes for pints or smaller sizes.