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Who is Adventist Association of Camp Professionals?

Adventist Association of Camp Professionals (AACP) is a group of individuals, companies, and conferences who love camp ministry. Everyone involved with AACP cares about Jesus Christ's commission to every disciple in Matthew 28:19-20 through summer camp. Summer camp is a unique opportunity to minister to youth and families across the United States and the world. AACP seeks to facilitate and assist in the unique ministry of summer camps across the US and Canada. Unified through Christ and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, AACP works to encourage and help all summer camps in OUR unified mission.

Learn more about AACP on their website's "About Us" section:

Link to website: AACP About Us page

Who is Southern Chapter of AACP?

Southern Chapter of AACP is a university chapter of Adventist Association of Camp Professionals (AACP) stationed at the campus of Southern Adventist University. The work of the Southern Chapter of AACP is to unify all camp staff on and near Southern's campus. Our mission is to join together in the name of Jesus for fellowship to share our love for camp, to help and encourage each other in our camp ministries, and to unify all summer camp staff, no matter which camp is represented. 

Learn more about Southern Chapter of AACP by reading our Constitution and ByLaws:

Link to Constitution: Constitution and ByLaws