Twirling On The Edge!


Welcome !
 To our official website, where Twirling and cheering is no joke!

We are South End Dynamite baton twirlers and cheerleaders originated in the South End , Villa Victoria. We are a group of girls  between the ages 5 through 21 teaching other children within the same age group how to dance, baton twirl , cheer, and have spirit. This is a program that we created for the youth in our community, which offeres more than just a dancing program. These children get the opportunity to show their many talents , within music, dance, and many other activities. They stay active, healthy, and are kept safe from the violence that takes place on the streets today. We are to teach them the fundamentals of being responsible, independent, amd staying positive for a better future.

Twirling and Cheering is our passion!

Twilring  and Cheeringis in our hearts!

Twirling and Cheer is what we do!

Watch out cause we are twirling and Cheering on the Edge,

Expect the unexpected....

 We consider this "THE STOP THE VIOLENCE" movement.