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President's Message

November 2019

Greetings SEYO Families!  

It's a blessing as the SEYO Board has been busy planning and looking ahead towards another wonderful year of basketball together.  We all need to keep in mind SEYO's a 55 year young organization, established with an emphasis on sportsmanship, player development, and our traditional Asian community outreach.

We ask each family to consider how we can encourage others to support SEYO by joining one of our wide variety of organizations (SOC, JETTS, AFMC, OCBC, OCO, VFW, NYS and/or WPC).  Having your kids participate is just a small part of being a part of SEYO, the next major area of support is to get involved!  It's no secret each organization is having challenges in leadership from our younger families who are the future of SEYO.  SEYO has, is and will continue to serve our Asian communities, please do your part and step forward to become a legacy partner for our future.  Many of us on the Board played SEYO and have enjoyed watching our kids now play, approach your organizations to share your willingness to serve wherever needed.

Thank you and look forward to seeing many new faces and talents serving SEYO for years to come.  Have a wonderful time this SEYO basketball season and blessings to each of you, your players, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends and all those you invite out to watch our coming SEYO season ahead be blessed!

Take care and be well!

Mike Tanaka
SEYO President