President's Message

Hello everyone,

Welcome to SEYO and thank you for your interest in our program!  SEYO was founded in 1964 and today our program is as vibrant as ever.  We presently have eight affiliated organizations, AFMC, JETS/JETTS, NYS, OCBC, OCO, SOC, VFW and WPC.  

The 2016 – 2017 SEYO Winter basketball season concluded on February 19th and we had 166 teams (2nd – 8th grade) participating.  Our 2017 SEYO Senior basketball season starts on March 5th and we will have a total of 71 teams (8th – 12th grade) participating. 

Our league is a culmination of countless hours of hard work and planning by our Board of Directors and other volunteers.  It would not be possible if for these numerous individuals who work behind the scenes with our basketball and baseball programs.   The selfless dedication and commitment to our league by these individuals embodies the essence of our organization.

One of the primary aims of SEYO is to make our league the best possible experience for everyone.  SEYO emphasizes sportsmanship, fair play, and balanced competition across affiliated organizations and its teams.   We set the expectation that all SEYO players, coaches, parents, and spectators exhibit the highest level of sportmanship and conduct throughout the season.  This league mandate results in SEYO being one of the premier youth leagues in Southern California.

Should you have any feedback on how we can improve our league, I encourage you to contact me at my email address below.  Your input is valued and will contribute toward the continious improvement of SEYO.

May the upcoming 2017 SEYO Senior basketball season be a memorable and wonderful experience for everyone.  

With Warmest Regards,
Jerry Nakafuji
SEYO President
2016 - 2017