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Southeast PTO Job Descriptions

Southeast PTO Job Descriptions


The Southeast PTO is looking for interested volunteers to take on leadership roles in our organization for the current school year. If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact, Angela Broich at broich4@hotmail.com or 964-2447.  Below is a short description of each position:



Overview:  The President oversees and directs all members of the Board, and all PTO missions and activities. The President leads discussions surrounding all PTO business, from setting the tone of the PTO mission and goals for the year, to recapping results of events and fundraisers and deciding if we will hold them the following year. The President sets the monthly meeting agenda and leads the meeting. The role is primarily that of a leader, motivator and organizer; most decisions are made by a majority vote of the Board members. The President is also the face of the PTO in public domains, and will usually be required to make a short presentation at kindergarten registration, kindergarten back to school night and other functions as asked. The role requires frequent access to email, and availability by phone, as well as the ability to see the big picture and how each decision will impact the organization as a whole. This includes:

·        Set yearly organizational mission.

·        Set monthly meeting agenda; lead meeting.

·        Lead discussions and subsequent voting on fundraisers and events for the year.

·        Ascertain that planning for upcoming events or fundraisers is going smoothly.

·        Review flyers for appropriateness and timeliness, make sure all outside communication has been prepared and delivered, and signage is completed.

·        Review monthly minutes.

·        Liaison with Principal and teachers of SE.

·        Lead/assign special projects. Troubleshoot and resolve issues.

·        Public presence for PTO; deliver short presentations at functions, open houses, or town/School Committee meetings.

·        Form committees and sub-committees as necessary.

·        Appoint members to the positions of chairperson or coordinator as necessary.

·        Help develop yearly budget.

·        Monitor bank account statements

 Vice President:

·        Assists the President.

·        Acts as timekeeper at meetings to ensure they run smoothly.

·        Ready to take over responsibilities of the President in their absence.

·        Researches projects as requested by the President or other board members.

·        Participates in sub-committee meetings as necessary.

·        Learn about all committees to gain a thorough understanding of how the PTO operates.

·        Prefer the Vice-President serve as President the year following the President’s termination/resignation.


Responsible for all financial aspects of the SE PTO. This includes:

  • Pay all bills and issue all checks for reimbursement after approval by board.
  • Make all bank deposits.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • Maintain general ledger for all accounting transactions.
  • Provide financial reports for monthly PTO meetings.
  • Prepare yearly budget with input from President and executive board members.
  • Prepare all required tax forms (Forms 990, PC and Annual Report) or seek out professional assistance as necessary to complete them.
  • Prepare 1099’s each year or seek out professional assistance as necessary to complete them.
  • Responds to audit requests in timely manner.  
  • Ensure all procedures necessary to maintain non-profit and tax-exempt status are followed.
  • Chairperson for the committee that reviews teacher reimbursements and hands on learning activity requests.
  • Act as a resource to the board and membership regarding any financial issues of the organization.


  • Attend and Record Minutes of all meetings.
  • Reserve School Buildings & Grounds as needed.
  • Update PTO website.
  • Maintain/Send PTO Board Correspondence.
  • Storage of Minutes/Correspondence.

 EMAIL Coordinator:

  • Keeps mail list of all contacts who have requested to receive correspondence from the SE PTO.
  • Promptly removes contacts from email list when requested.
  • Sends out emails as requested seeking volunteers for PTO sponsored events.
  • Keeps school calendar and includes it in correspondence sent monthly.
  • Creates and sends out monthly newsletter via email.

 Fun Night Co-Coordinators:

  • Plans and organizes all aspects of SE PTO Fun Night. This involves the games, food, raffle, auction baskets, tickets, set up/tear down, cake donations, pop donations, and prizes.
  • Obtain volunteers for their areas. Check list that volunteer coordinator may already have.
  •  Work closely with Treasurer on proper cash handling for the night.

 Home Room Parent Coordinator:

  • Assigns all home room parent(s) to each classroom based on volunteers or recruits homeroom parent for a class where there is no volunteer.
  • Notifies the teacher(s) who has been assigned as the homeroom parent for their classroom.
  • Collects,updates and assembles information to be included in folders provided to each homeroom parent each year.
  • Sends reminder to assigned HR Parents regarding upcoming parties.
  • Assists Fun Night Coordinator(s) with finding volunteers for Fun Night from each classroom.
  • Assists Fundraiser Coordinator(s) with finding volunteers for distribution day.

 Scholastic Book Fair Coordinator:

  • Works with school media specialist and scholastic books to plan and set-up book fair during parent teacher conferences in the spring and fall.
  • Finds volunteers to work during the book fair.

 Hospitality Coordinator:

·        Plans and organizes meals for parent teacher conferences, teacher appreciation week, back to school breakfast, assists with food and drinks for fun night

·        Obtains volunteers to provide meal items for events.

·        Sets up and cleans up events.


Family Activities Coordinator:

  • Plans and organizes family outings for all SE families to attend. Activities could be Christmas caroling, attending sporting events such as I Cubs, Barnstormers, Buccaneers Hockey, Iowa Chops Hockey, basketball, roller and ice skating, movie night, cultural events and etc.

 Fundraiser Chairperson: 

  • Oversees all Fundraising efforts of the PTO.
  • Appoints coordinators for various fundraising committees
  • Explores and researches additional new fundraising opportunities or events.

Fundraising Committees:

  • Fall Fundraiser Coordinator:  Coordinates fall fundraiser kick-off and delivery with fundraiser company representative. Works closely with Treasurer on collection and summary of orders. Organizes kick-off, any special events during the fundraising campaign and finds volunteers to assist at distribution.  Works closely with fundraiser chairperson to choose fundraiser each year.
  • Spelling/Academic Challenge Coordinator:  Plans, organizes and runs event.  Finds volunteers to assist as needed.
  • Wendy's Night Coordinator: finds volunteers for check in table, sends notices home prior to event, coordinates night with Wendy’s and gets totals and checks.  Also responsible for pickup of Frosty’s for winning classroom.
  • Community Events Fundraiser Coordinator:  (Chili’s, Triad, Ink Cartridge, Cell Phone Recycling, Creative Treasures, Carlos O’Kellys/Applebees, Arby’s, Burger King, Noodle Zoo, Panera, Metro Waste Recycling and SchoolPax) Contact person and collects checks and problem solves issues and questions. Works closely with fundraiser chairperson to explore new opportunities.

 Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Develops and maintains PTO volunteer form to be sent with registration materials during summer.
  • Compiles all information into spreadsheet and shares information with respective coordinators and teachers.

 Yearbook Coordinator:

  • Coordinates and gathers pictures for the yearbook.
  • Assembles yearbook using online software provided by Yearbook Company.
  • Meets all deadlines for yearbook production and early incentives.
  • Negotiates pricing and controls costs of yearbook so each child at SE receives a book purchased by the SE PTO.
  • Provides cost estimate to treasurer for yearly budget.

 Labels for Education Coordinator:  (Campbell’s Labels for Education and

    Tyson Labels) (Box tops currently handled by school nurse)

  • Checks PTO pod boxes and collection containers for labels. 
  • Responsible for cutting and mailing of labels for redemption.
  • Completes forms needed for bonus points and incentives in timely manner. 
  • Works with staff and Principal to redeem points for needed supplies.
  • Explores new opportunities.

 United Way Coordinator:

  • Coordinates PTO efforts with United Way to obtain families for SE to sponsor for the holidays.
  • Sends out correspondence and sends home response to those families wishing to help purchase an item


Spirit wear Coordinator:

  • Keeps inventory and orders tee shirts as necessary.
  • Folds tee shirts in PTO closet and keeps them in order on shelves.
  • Sends out order forms throughout the year and fills orders as they arrive.
  • Coordinates sales at various PTO events such as back to school night, meet the teacher night, kindergarten registration, week of spirit night, conferences and other opportunities as they may arise.


Grant Writer Coordinator:

·        Explores and researches all possibilities for grant opportunities.

·        Coordinates any matching gifts we are eligible for.

·        Works with Principal to collect Target rebate each year.

·        Works with Principal to explore opportunities with business partner.

·        Explores and researches opportunities for partnering with local businesses to assist our school.

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