Big Sisters and Little Sisters

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." -- Muhammad Ali

Since the girls at Southeastern Gymnastics spend so much time together, everyone becomes sort of like family. The Big and Little Sisters program is designed to bring the girls closer together, and let them get to know each other better. The girls in the upper levels at the gym have worked hard to get there, and they get the privilege of being a role model to the younger girls. The younger girls will benefit from getting to know these dedicated gymnasts and seeing their determination and success.

This program is NOT about spending money on gifts or committing substantial amounts of time -- it is primarily to let the girls encourage each other and promote team spirit. A simple high five at the gym, note of encouragement or just a smile to their "sisters" can go a long way.

The list below is broken up into Big Sister, Little Sister and Little, Little Sister. The numbers of girls at the gym and in each level fluctuate greatly. Also, the ages in each level can be quite a range, so dividing these up was not an exact science. 

Here's an example of how this works: (using the first set of names on the list) Abby is the Big Sister to Cassidy. Cassidy is the Big Sister to Madeline. There is no specific rule about how the girls should interact - if Abby wants to write a note of encouragement to Cassidy, that's great. If she also wants to do the same to Madeline, that's also great. Or maybe Cassidy makes sure to watch Madeline at her next meet, and cheer for her. 

Please help promote team spirit and unity by encouraging your daughter to be a good sport about this program. The first step towards this is to be positive about who your daughter is paired with. This is not necessarily a life-long match, we expect to keep these pairings tentatively through the end of summer 2012.

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Big SisterLittle SisterLittle, Little Sister
Big SisterLittle SisterLittle, Little Sister
Anna Glenn (Level 10) Macey McDuffie (Level 5)  
Anna Limbanovnos (Prep Op) Ava Myers (Mighty Mite)  
Anna Majni (Level 4)   
Anna Moody (Level 9) Asia Wegh (Level 6) Gwendolyn Fink (Level 4) 
Cailee Hills (Level 10) Caroline Moore (Level 5) Serena Yalich (Level 4) 
Claire Kern (Level 10) Hailey Hanlon (Level 5) Greta Imhof (Level 4) 
Courtney Leighton (Level 10) Sophie Hatchell (Level 6) Meagan Connor (Level 4) 
Diana Chesnok (Level 10) Abigail Mastrantoni (Level 6) Nia Poole (Level 4) 
Ellie VanNote (Prep Op) Jordan Johnston (Mighty Mite)  
Gabrielle Pires (Level 4)   
Gabrielle Skelton (Level 7) Lauren Mattera (Level 5) Ava Studney (Level 4) 
Grace Glenn (Level 10) Abby Ensey (Level 6) Ella Schwarzen (Level 4) 
Gracen Strickland (Prep Op) Kate Shirk (Mighty Mite)  
Hallie Peele (Level 8) Mackenzie Henderson (Level 6) Ella Gleason (Level 4) 
Julianna Cannamela (Level 10) BK Schmitz (Level 6) Molly Moore (Level 4) 
Kaitlyn Cole (Prep Op) Katelyn Briggs (Mighty Mite)   
Katie Corbi (Level 8) Emma Stone (Level 5) Talia McCrory (Level 4) 
Kaya Keenan (Level 4)   
Kelly Albert (Level 8) Emily Trentham (Level 5)  
Kensleigh Owens (Level 10) Rivers Sheehan (Level 6) Kai Carter (Level 4) 
Krista Collins (Level 10) Haley Morreale (Level 6) Kathryn Bryant (Level 4) 
Lauren Edwards (Level 8) Amaya Marshall (Level 5) Jane Balanda (Level 4) 
Leah Adams (Level 4) Annika Gregson (Mighty Mite)  
Lenora (Hope) Byrum (Level 9) Jillian Dees (Level 6) Kendall Ford (Level 4) 
Lisavette Soto (Level 10) Holly Hanlon (Level 6) Rose Casali (Level 5) 
Madison Brent (Level 9) Lindsey Waldo (Level 5)  
Margaret Brown (Level 10) Sydney Jordan (Level 5) Maylis Pickering (Level 4) 
Margaret McAvoy (Level 10) Kelsey Gleason (Level 6) Mailey Garner (Level 4) 
Mariana Rodriguez (Prep Op) Faith Koerner (Mighty Mite)  
Megan McClelland (Level 10) Taylor Lambeth (Level 6) Isabel Crandall (Level 5) 
Melica Kaveh (Prep Op) Katherine Turner (Mighty Mite)  
Melissa Hempe (Level 9) Taylor Stablein (Level 6) Isabella Hawthorne (Level 4) 
Mia Dimartino (Level 8) Courtney Gross (Level 5)  
Nicole Wild (Level 10) Alexa Almond (Level 5) Emily Laatsch (Level 4) 
Olivia Galuppo (Level 4) Hailey Detwiler (Mighty Mite)  
Ryann Anderson (Level 10) Audrey Ramsey (Level 5) Isabelle Dean (Level 4) 
Samantha Jones (Prep Op) Amanda Noon (Mighty Mite)  
Sarah Casali (Level 9) Joy Mays (Level 6) Sarah Thomson (Level 4) 
Taylor Helms (Level 9) Lali Dekanoidze (Level 6) Maya Studney (Level 4) 
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