Welcome to Southeast Davidson County

Area includes Antioch, Hickory Hollow, Una, Cane Ridge, Priest Lake, Nashville 

A Community working to bring Progress that will help shape the area's character, neighborhoods, corridors and business district.
A Community that supports our very active THHAP (The Hickory Hollow Action Partnership) - a combined effort of businesses and residents.  THHAP is an organization that works with Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce South and other Resource Organizations.
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UPDATE: 12/01/2010
The only sections of Hickory Hollow Mall that will be converted are the areas that will house the new Regional Recreational Community Center, Archives, and Library.  We are also pleased with the new addition in Hickory Hollow of the soon to be satellite campus for Nashville State College.  Please see letter that explains what will be on the news tomorrow to keep the fairgrounds/expo open through 2011.  The expo will not locate in the Mall.  There will be a search for a new location.  The Health Center will also not locate in the Mall.  Discussions to place this in another location will take place next year.  Thank you all for your feedback and participation.  You have undoubtedly made a difference in our community's quality of life.  Details of the survey will be added to the website and the results mirror the decisions Mayor Dean has now proposed.  Again, thank you and we will continue to keep you informed and updated on any and all projects for Southeast Davidson County.


New Southeast Regional Recreational Community Center -
Visioning for New Southeast Regional Recreational Community Center Facility Begins

The $4.5-6.5 million center is twice the size of previous centers. Proposed 25,000 sq ft. but can be changed and upgraded to include the pool per CBL.  It is proposed to have a gym, indoor walking track, computers, fitness facilities, game rooms, arts & crafts rooms, and community meeting rooms just to name a few. 

Officials said the new center will meet the growing demands of area residents by offering more diverse programs and services. The community will be involved in the development of the center from the aesthetics to the overall layout through a community planning process that begins should Mayor Karl Dean's project be fully approved by Metro Council.  The community has expressed to the administration and the Metro Parks Director that their desire is to have the pool included in the proposal as every other area of the city has a pool in their regional.  The Metro Nashville Parks Director is currently working on the revision to include the pool. He acknowledged with our area being the most underserved with community center amenities and being the fastest growing area in the county, that this is something they are trying to work on to include.  Also the fact that our area has a significant mix of senior citizens and families with children it is definitely a priority to meet the health and wellness needs of everyone.

 Visit the below website to see the renderings and the proposed plan

$209M Plan Unveiled To Redevelop Hickory Hollow Mall

The current neighborhood community center below is our Southeast Davidson County area's only community center and is located at 5023 Blue Hole Road directly across from Antioch Middle School.  This facility is currently under renovation due to the May Flood.

The updated Master Plan for Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation adds 2 additional neighborhood centers to our area in addition to this one and a Regional which is proposed in the Hickory Hollow Mall Plan.  The reason 2 additional centers have been added to the master plan is because our area has experienced significant growth and is severly underserved in recreational outlets.  Therefore we do not recommend once this facility opens that any of our current recreational outlets for our area's youth be sacrificed.  The Antioch Community center is slated to be upgraded and expanded and has been approved in the capital spending plan for these enhancements.  We need to add to what we have to try to catch up with other areas in Nashville/Davidson County because our area has experienced significant growth which has increased demand for these much needed services.  This will also help meet our needs in keeping our youth off the streets throughout Southeast Davidson.  This will reduce crime and create a safer community for all.

 Current Community (Neighborhood) Center Facility Below

New Southeast Library - proposed to be moved from the present location at  2325 Hickory Highlands Drive off Bell Road to Hickory Hollow Mall
Current Southeast Library Facility Below
The Proposal for the Library is a new 19,350 sq. ft building to replace the old 12,150 sq. ft. building.  The proposal significantly upgrades a much needed expansion of which many community residents welcomed at a community meeting held at Hickory Hollow Mall in October 2010.  The community feedback was  at times when utilizing the current library, it has been witnessed lines of youth and adults waiting to use the very limited number of computers.  The new library will expand the computer area and bring much needed upgrades that will open up reading, meeting and community space areas to meet the overcrowding and growing needs in our community. 
The new use of the old location should be developed through a community meeting/input process whereby all stakeholders in Southeast Davidson can participate.
Visioning for New State of the Art Library Facility Begins