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(Updated 24/11/15)

The SDRS Newsletter (The Catswhisker) is now only available to read in Portable Document Format (PDF). This index provides readers with a quick reference to the major articles and will be updated each month. The appropriate Catswhisker can then either be read or downloaded from the Catswhisker or Catswhisker Archive pages.

In addition to this complete list, each years page in the Archive also has an index for the year.

August 1999 SDRS Website News - Weymouth Carnival Special Event Station - New SDRS Meeting Place is Chickerell Church Hall - SSB Field Day Plans - Review of the Novice Course in Wyke Regis.

September 1999 Weymouth Carnival Day Special Event Station Report - Hamfest 1999 Report - 2m Net started - PE3GRT visits Weymouth - Ken O'Brien to have Heart Bypass surgery.

October 1999 PW 'Club Spotlight' competition - Portland Rally - British Wireless for the Blind - Chairman to step down - SSB Field Day Reports - Why should I join a club? - Members abroad - Giorgio Romanin - Novice Band-plan - Is there a Club policy on Special Events?

November 1999 Aerials discussion Report - Phil, 2E1FWP electrocuted! - Silent Key, Bob Barrett, G7WLQ - Ken O'Brien has Heart by-pass operation - Doug, K8APD poorly - And Finally, a novel record player.

December 1999 PW 'Spotlight' competition result - Neville on 'Homebrew' - 'New magazine 'Radiowave' by Alex, 2E1HEJ - And Finally, The Wondergram!

January 2000 Silent Key, Bill, G0NRQ - SDRS Picture Gallery.

February 2000 Bill, G0NRQ Obituaries and Tributes.

March 2000 Sowing the Seed, and idea from Carol and Neville - Internet Linking - SMC closed down - Radio and Electronic Course in Somerset - RSGB 'Old Timers' Roll - SDRS 2m Net, Pat, G1XJH new Controller - More Tributes to Bill, G0NRQ - Pegasus Bridge - SDRS Picture Gallery.

April 2000 SSB Field Day 1999 Results - IMD2000 Plans - Silent Key, George, G3AVV.

May 2000 AGM Report - RAE Course planned.

June 2000 RAE Course Details - IMD 2000 Report and Pictures.

July 2000 Hamfest Plans - Test Meter Tips - How to work the World on a Handy - Appeal for memories - PW QRP Contest Report.

August 2000 John, M0BQO has computer problems! - International Lighthouses Weekend Plans.

September 2000 New SDRS Website e-mails and 'Guest Book' - Lighthouses Weekend Pictures - The 'Limpy Arnold' Aerial.

October 2000 September Meeting Report, Tune for Maximum Smoke! - 'Radio Enthusiast', Final Edition - Lighthouses Weekend Results.

November 2000 SDRS New Year Lunch Plans - Coming Talk, 'Fishing in Murky Waters' - October Meeting 'HF Aerials' Report - PW QRP Contest Report.

December 2000 CB to have Packet Radio facility - October Meeting Reports, 'Fishing in Murky Waters' - Article by Geert, PE3GRT - Silent Key, Ray, G1YRS - Silent Key, Denis, G1NLU.

January 2001 SDRS QSL Design Contest - Morse Tests available locally - December Club Meeting Report, RIS Lecture.

February 2001 SDRS 2m Net Update - Club Lunch Report - Club Calls - New Local Callsigns - Local Morse Tests Update.

March 2001 Weymouth Rally Proposal - Silent Key, Ian, G8WXC.

April 2001 IMD 2001, Field Barn Site closed by Foot and Mouth restrictions - QSL Card Competition Winner, Mark, M5MKW.

May 2001 AGM Report - What happened to the Hindenburg?

June 2001 New Editor and PDF Format for Catswhisker - IMD Report and Pictures.

July 2001 Owen, 2E1OZY on 'Life' - Museums on the Air Weekend, Report and Pictures.

August 2001 Making that First CQ - Report on the July Meeting, 'Amateur Radio, is there a cure?' - At Home with George, M5AMC - RAE Passes.

September 2001 Hamfest Report - 'The St Bruno Project 2001' - M1OOO and XYL provides practical help in Kenya.

October 2001 'Watts is a Name' (Dipole or Doublet) - 'The St Bruno Project' Part 2 - The Day Yaesu came to Weymouth - 'The Keyna Project' Part 2 - International Lighthouses Weekend, Report and Pictures.

November 2001 SDRS has a new Treasurer - Walford Electronics Kits (SDRS Meeting Report) - 'Dead Cats' Return - 'The St Bruno Project' Update - Radio Inventors (Article) -  'The Keyna Project' Part 3.

December 2001 Ted Hall's 'The Suitcase Set' is being distributed monthly - The 100th Anniversary of Marconi's Transatlantic Wireless Transmission -'The Keyna Project' Part 3.

January 2002 Russian Federation to keep the Morse Test (Morse Code is an essential part of our hobby) - Foundation Licence Information Sheet - 'The St Bruno Project' (Schedule) - Chasing the ISS - Radio 'Magic' Sparks - Novice News.

February 2002 Silent Key, Ted Hall, G3ETA - Novice News (latest calls) - City and Guilds RAE Report - SDRG 'Wound Up' - 'The Keyna Project' Part 4.

March 2002 M5MKW Oscilloscope Demo and Talk, Review and Pictures - M0GAB on Amateur Radio 'A New Learning Phase' - Catswhisker On the Web - 'The Keyna Project' Last Part.

April 2002 SDRS has a new callsign M2Z - M5MKW on 'Electricity' - Vintage Wireless Lecture, Review and Pictures - 'The St Bruno Project' VFO - East Devon Repeater Group, GB3EX.

May 2002 /P Operation by Jon, G2FHF - Silent Key, Geoff, G4FJO.

June 2002 SDRS Committee Pictures - EMC and Understanding Neighbours 'Descaler' - IMD Report and Pictures - The Spellchecker Poem.

July 2002 RAYNET Lecture Review - eQSO Internet Linking - Free Electricity - Silent Key, Pat G1XJH.

August 2002 SDRS 2002/3 Membership List - Museums Weekend Pictures - Internet Linking - CQ M2Z - Carol is now 2E1RBH.

September 2002 BBQ at Wyke Report - The First Transistors - Hamfest Report and Pictures - Amateur Radio in modern cars - Tributes to Silent Key Pat, G1XJH.

October 2002 National Lighthouses Weekend at the Verne, Report and Pictures - Eliminating RFI in cars - SDRG 2002 Newsletter.

November 2002 Longleat Rally is over - Well Shiver my Timbers by G0EVW - Intermediate and Foundation News by M5MKW - Fishing in Murky Waters Part 2 - IMD Website moved - Old Scientific and Radio equipment wanted by G0VHS - RNARS Nets - WAE Phone Contest 2002 Results.

December 2002 Final Mobile Rally at Longleat to take place in 2003 - A world without radio by M0GAB - Fixing up the new aerial by Heath Robinson - Christmas Message from G4KUU - RAFARS Nets - DXpedition to the Isle of Man by M5RIC.

January 2003 Congratulations; Terry, G0VHS and Anna, 2E1VHS get married - Letter from Jim, G7JIM standing down as QSL Manager for GB0MBS - Royal Signals ARS Nets and Frequencies - Restoration of SDRS pump up mast - M2Z ARRL 10M Contest - How to use EchoLink and M1PIK-L.

February 2003 Longleat Rally cancelled again - Tony Bendall, G3YEF has a fall - Januarys (Meteor) Shower Party - Weymouth (Vintage) Wireless Manufacurers by John, M0BQO - Blackmore Vale 'Valve Day' - Rob Mannion of PW visits SDRS.

March 2003 Magnetic Loops by Robert, G0RYL - Affiliated Clubs and Societies Contest by Richard, M5RIC - RSGB has a new Manager for Region 11.

April 2003 Memorial Trophy in memory of Bill Dean, G0NRQ and Pat Cox, G1XJH - Reform of Amateur Prefixes by Paul GM6MEN and response from our Vice President - AGM Notice.

May 2003 AGM 2003 - New Chairman, Mark, M5MKW - Officers and Committee for 2003 in pictures - Annual Awards -  Blackmore Vale's 'Valve Day' report -  Magnetic Loops, Part 2 - Richard, M5RIC wins the World Wide WPX Contest using MW2Z - Intermediate and Foundation Licence News - Graham, M0GAB and Sue, 2E1EWP married 31/03/03.

June 2003 Change of meeting night for SDRS - Treasurers Report  for 2003 - Poem, 'The Radar Man' - Building a Radio Receiver by Anna Simons, 2E1VHS - IMD 2003 Report and pictures by Graham, 2E1GOQ/M3GOQ - More Foundation Course success - The Power of Words by John, M0BQO - Jon, G2FHF flies a kite and injures his back!

July 2003 'Does Your Radio Leak?' a report on Ken Watkins talk - The National Communications Fair report by John, M0BQO - Museums on the Air Weekend report by Jon, G2FHF - Design and Pennant or Flag for SDRS competition - Updated Members List for 2003/04 - Setting up a tri-band beam by Mark, M5MKW - More on the 'Power of Words'.

August 2003 Change of meeting night update - M2Z wins WAEDC contest - Trailer Mast News - IARU HF contest report - SDRS now own a Gazebo! - Ladies Page reports Jim, G7JIM is 60 and Neville, M5NEV and XYL Liz celebrate 33 years - Silent Key, George M5AMC.

September 2003 What do they want, blood? - Hamfest report and pictures - Anna, 2E1VHS wins the SDRS Pennant competition - Queen Victoria was 'Not amused' at the Nothe Fort!

October 2003 Catswhisker Editor wants to retire! - 'Pics', a report on last months talk about Programmable Integrated Circuits given by Paul, G0ODP - Lighthouse Weekend report and pictures by Mark, M5MKW - Using a Digital Camera to help service Radio equipment by John, M0BQO.

November 2003 Catswhisker wins PW award - Report of lecture by Paul, G4KHU on 'Submarine Communications' - M5NEV's Radio Shack News, SDRS pump up mast and trailer now stored under cover - Report of 'Quiz Night' at Poole - The 'Ladies' are back! - 'Signor Marconi's Magic Box', book review by John, M0BQO -  SDRG AGM report.

December 2003 'Ladies Gossip' by Carol, 2E1RBH - Mobile Amateur Radio and the new Mobile Phone Laws - Bumper Year in store for SDRS - EU SSB Sprint Contest Report by Richard, M5RIC - 'Bedford Bob', M3DPQ writes - Radio Shack News from Neville, M5NEV - Christmas Word Search, Thoughts and Greetings!

January 2004 New Year Message from our Chairman, Mark, M5MKW - Report on the SDRS Christmas Social - The year 2003 in Pictures - Seasons Greetings and Licensing News from Phil, G0KKL.

February 2004 EchoLink available again locally thanks to Mark, M5MKW - Report on last Meeting, 'Dorset Raynet' - Don, G8BFZ Silent Key - RAE Exam Results, five new callsigns - Richard, M5RIC to take part in UK Malawi DXpedition - Life Before SDRS was SDRC, 1924 - Intermediate Radio Course.

March 2004 SDRS is looking for a new Treasurer - Graham M0GAB retires from his RSGB posts - Child Protection guidelines proposed - Vintage Wireless reports from the Southern Times for 1927 - More on the Malawi DXpedition - Yaesu FT817 review by John, G2FHF - UOSAT Twenty Years in Space, a special QSL card - Intermediate Radio Course.

April 2004 Catswhisker Editor, Neville M5NEV retires - Report on Shaftesbury Valve Day 2004 - Phil Bridges, M0PKB receives the PW Award - EchoLink, M5MKW-L #160310 working well - UK Malawi DXpedition 2004 update - SDRS Accounts 2003/4 - 50 years on; Worlds first DX QSO using transistors - John, M0BQO wins constructors cup with his home made 'Wobbulator' (no it's not an April Fool joke!) - Silent Key; Charlie, G4PTU.

May 2004 New Editors Natter - A message from the new Chairman - Retiring Treasurers Report - 'Valve Day' pictures - Yeovil QRP Convention report - GB6OD 60th commemoration of D-Day News - The Great Escape 60 years on by Meg Clothier - New SDRS contest Watts Per Mile Award.

June 2004 APRS /PSK31; report on May SDRS lecture - D-Day veterans remembered - Reports on IMD 2004 - More on the Malawi Expedition; thanks for SDRS contribution - Forthcoming event; GB6OD at the Nothe Fort.

July 2004 Mills Weekend report - Use the right Phonetics! - AROS lecture report - Expedition to Costa Rica by Rob Mott, G0ECX.

August 2004 More on GB6OD including a QSL for a QSO with a Boeing 747! - Forthcoming Special Event Stations; GB0CC (Chickerell Carnival) and GB0PBL  (Portland Breakwater Light) announced - Successful Intermediate Candidates announced - Malawi Expedition; report by Richard, M5RIC - Yeovil ARC demonstrate WW2 radio equipment - Mike, G0NEV (not open all hours) retires.

September 2004 GB0CC, Report on Chickerell Carnival Special Event Station - GB0PBL at the Nothe Fort, report by Mark, M5MKW - Early Amateur Radio in the Weymouth Area by Rob, G3MYM - Oceanic Air Band by Graham, M0GAB - SDRS Membership List.

October 2004 Astronaut, Mike Fincke, KE5AIT works all continents from the ISS - More pictures from the 2004 Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend - An invitation to join a Dorset Amateur Radio Group using Yahoo, from Paul, M0EYT - Amateur Digital Voice by Trevor, M5AKA - Special QSO's by Rob, G3MYM - An aerial for 3.5, 7 and 14 MHz by Mark, M5MKW - HF Marine Bands by Graham, M0GAB - Carol, 2E1RBH elected Chairman of BALARA.

November 2004 Wireless Network in Weymouth - BYLARA news - SDRS Chairman walks on a bed of hot coals! - HF Broadcast Bands by Graham, M0GAB - Robert, G0RYL and Carol, 2E1RBH visit Poldhu - Dorchester Beam Station, a report on the October talk by Paul Hawkins, G4KHU - Amateur Radio History, G2OD works A3BQ in Australia in 1924, by Rob, G3MYM - 40M band extended in the UK.

December 2004 QSL Cards by Rob, G3MYM - Vintage Wireless, 'The Weymouth Three' of 1924 by John, M0BQO - APRS and EchoLink, use it or lose it by Graham, M0GAB - More about G2OD - New Book available, 'Marconi's Beam Wireless Station' at Dorchester by Paul Hawkins, G4KHU - HF Data - 'what is all the noise about' by Graham, M0GAB - The Nothe Fort says thank you for SDRS donation.

December 2004 Extra - Review of 2004 in pictures.

January 2005 First woman amateur radio operator? - More on the world of HF past and present by Graham, M0GAB - Silent Key, Jack Wiseley, KA4NCE - Skittles/Buffet report and pictures - Letter regarding future loss of Chickerell Church Hall as SDRS meeting place - Proposal that SDRS takes part in National Science Week.

February 2005 HF Radio Noise by Rob, G3MYM - Report on Barry, G4ACK's talk about the RSGB - More pictures of the Buffet/Skitlles event - National Science Week - Problem Solving and Ohms Law by John, M0BQO - EchoLink Node, M5MKW-L now requires CTCSS.

February extra 2004 in pictures.

March 2005 A bumper bundle this month with no less than four supplements! - Signals into Outer Space by Graham, M0GAB - The Half Wave Dipole and Earth by Rob, G3MYM - Why are we called 'HAMS'?  by G6ZDE - A simple Balun for your HF Station by Jan, G0HBL - Terry and Anna have a baby girl called Emily.

March 2005 extras: OFCOM meeting in pictures. Training Shack in pictures.

April 2005 GB3SD and GB3SD QRT! - Marconi Wireless Telegraphy at Portland Bill by Rob, G0RYL - The Marconi Station at the Bill by Geoff, G0EVW - Talking about Amateur Radio by Rob, G3MYM - Signals into Outer Space by Graham, M0GAB - From a 1928 magazine - Speeling mistooks othurs have mayde! - Restoring Old Radios, a report on the lecture given by John, M0BQO at the March meeting - The Systeme International by John, M0BQO - OFCOM and the end of Amateur Radio as we know it! - The Journeaux Historic Wireless Collection - More about spelling by Phil, G0KKL.

May 2005 Carol reports on IMD 2005 (GB0MPB and GB0MBS) - A message from our new Chairman, Graham, 2E1GOQ - The Future of Amateur Radio Licensing in the UK - M0PKB E-QSO Internet Link back on the air - Tony Bendall, G3YEF is Silent Key.

June 2005 Museums on the Air event details - More on the Future of Amateur Radio Licensing in the UK - New Venue for SDRS meetings - 'The Crystal Diode Centenary' by Rob, G3MYM - 200th anniversary of Trafalgar Day events planned - Foundation News from Mark, M5MKW - Lighthouse/Lightship event details.

July 2005 More on the OFCOM 'consultation' with extensive documentation - Information about the local Internet Gateways and how to use EchoLink and eQSO - BYLARA News and Nets - BBC Radio Four saves swans from the foxes at Abbotosbury Swannery by John, M0BQO.

September 2005 Please note; there was no August Catswhisker this year - 2005/6 Members List - SDRS 'DX Trophy' Rules clarified - FRARS Hamfest report and pictures - Should it be 73 or 73's? - Geoff, G0EVW and XYL Mary celebrate 40 years! - Memories of Portland Breakwater Light by an ex Keeper - New 2M Repeater, GB3DR on air - Training Centre News - Museums on the Air 2005 report - BYLARA News.

October 2005 Report and pictures on the September meeting, 'Journeax Historic Wireless Collection' - CW Forever - History of JARL - SDRG Autumn Newsletter - 73, 88 and The Wonder of Morse.

November 2005  What is a Wireless Enthusiast? - Did Marconi actually succeed in crossing the Atlantic with Wireless in 1901? - Barry Scarisbrick, G4ACK Silent Key - Morse Code for Radio Amateurs.

December 2005 Memory Lane by Alan, M0MZX - The Battle of Trafalgar - More Morse! - BYLARA News - Christmas Buffet/Reindeer Races!

January 2006 Report and pictures of the 'Reindeer Races' Christmas Night - 'Blast from the Past' and pictures of interest from members - Morse Code for Radio Amateurs & Problems with RCD Circuit Protectors -  Final preparations for taking your RAE - Etching Circuit Boards - Seasons Greetings from far & wide.

February 2006 Contributions wanted for Catswhisker! - Information on Picodopp and Doppler Direction Finding from Martin, G6GDT - More Morse Code!  - New magazine, 'Monitoring Monthly'.

March 2006 Replacement for 90V volt HT battery - Paddle Keys - Standard C500 Review - Yet more Morse Code! - Warning about Credit Card Fraud - SDRS Web Site News - Erecting PO Telephone Open Wires.

April 2006 Converting the Pye A200 for 6M - Fixed Penalty Fines for Amateur Radio offences - Repeater Group News - The DARC 2006 World Football Championship Award - Freak Wave kills Peter Homer, G0KNU/MM - Last Part of 'Morse Code for Radio Amateurs' - Four SDRS members learn the Morse Code in less than an hour!

May 2006 New SDRS Committee, President and Vice President - IMD 2006 Report - Yeovil QRP Rally 2006 Report - SDRS Members list - G4ZPY Morse Paddle Keys by George Dobbs, G3RJV - Marconi Exhibit opens at Oxford.

June 2006 Report on IMD by Arthur, M0VAW using just 3 watts to a loop! - Richard Brett-Knowles talk about The British North Greenland Expedition 1952-1954, a report on May's SDRS meeting - 'Accidental Packet 'and the 'Early Bird' by Charlie, 2E1LEC - The Portland Internet Gateway, MB7IOP changes frequency to 145.2125 MHz - Lots of pictures at the new SDRS web site

July 2006 SDRS Secretary and Newsletter editor announces her retirement - The Radio History of Yeovil - YARC 60th Anniversary Operations Day report - 2006 Museums on the Air pictures - A Wobbulator - South Dorset Wireless Industry Update - First impressions of the new UK Amateur Radio Licence.

October 2006 Please note; there was no August or September Catswhisker this year - Foundation Licence to have Satellite access plus other information about the new 'Lifetime Licence' -  South Dorset Wireless Industry update.

November 2006 First Female Private Space Explorer & Space Ambassador Active on 145.800 MHz - James Van Allen, the US physicist who discovered the radiation belts surrounding the Earth, has died - Bournemouth Hosts WRC-2007 Preparatory Meeting - Special Event; March 1907 Portland to Gibraltar Radio Contact.

December 2006 Lost Handy, Yaesu FT60 - Rob, G3MYM describes the equipment used for the 1907 Portland to Gibraltar Wireless contact and the 0-V-1 Receiver - History of the Phonetic Alphabet - 60 years not out for Yeovil ARC.

January 2007 No Catswhisker this month but there was a news update.

February 2007 Members are asked to respond about the future of Catswhisker and SDRS meetings - History of Marconi Wireless Station at Chatham on Cape Cod - WW2 'Utility' Wireless Sets and American imports.

Port Gib Booklet about the Portland Bill to Gibraltar wireless contact in 1907.

March 2007 SDRS news.

April 2007 AGM notice - Report on GB1HP (GB 1 Hundred Portland Gibraltar) SPECIAL EVENT STATION to commemorate the wireless Contact between Portland Bill and Gibraltar in March 1907.

May 2007 Treasurers Report 2007 - AGM 2007 Report - New booklet in production about the 100th anniversary of the Portland to Gibraltar event.

June 2007 - IMD 2007 Report - A Morse Key for home constructors - Blackmore Vale ARC 'Mills on the Air 2007' report.

July 2007 Geoff Watts Little Secret - Keep Morse Alive - Gerry Milward, M1IPZ Silent Key - 181st RAMC Wetsern Front Battle Group - Report on last months meeting - Information about the R130 and it's ATU.

August 2007 SDRS members e-mail accounts update - BBQ and Table Top Sale to be held in August - Report on IMW 2007 - Wartime Military Communications.

September 2007 GB2MBS (Marconi Beam Station) A report on the Special Event Station held on the 70th anniversary of Marconi's death - A report on a recent visit to the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford by John, M0BQO - How much does it cost to run the SDRS?

October 2007 No Catswhisker this month.

November 2007 Carol, 2E1RBH retires as SDRS Catswhisker editor and Secretary.

December 2007 The very last Catswhisker produced by Carol!

December 2007 The first of a alternative format (hopefully temporary) newsletter! A letter from the Chairman - RSGB is moving its HQ.

January 2008 Reverend Alan Rogers of 'Station X' fame, Obituary - 3B7C DXpedition, stolen equipment.

February 2008 Beachcomber's Story, a new feature starting next month - DorSAR, a report on last months meeting about Dorset Search and Rescue.

March 2008 AGM Notice - Part One of Beachcomber's Story - Seb's Odyssey.

April 2008 AGM Notice including Treasurer's Report and Agenda - Beachcombers Story, Part Two - Help wanted for research into WW2 'Y' stations - News from the RSGB, 70cm petition is disinformation! - Report on March meeting, digi modes and vintage.

May 2008 Messages from the President and Treasurer - AGM has to be held over! - IMD 2008 Brief Report - Beachcombers Story, Part Three - Catswhisker Distribution Notice.

June 2008 Still no AGM - Important notice about Catswhisker Distribution - Silent Key: Graham, M0GAB - Beachcombers Story, Part Four - Geoff, G0EVW 50 Years with RSGB.

July 2008 AGM business finally completed - International Museums Weekend 2008 report - SOS is 100 years old - Beachcombers Story, Part Five.

August 2008 Catswhisker Distribution Update - Foundation and Intermediate Exam changes - New Digital Repeater for Dorset - Beachcombers Story, Part Six.

September 2008 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend 2008 report and pictures - Beachcombers Story, Part Seven - Catswhisker Editor has a new phone number.

October 2008 Production and deadline information for Catswhisker - Easy Pal Digital SSTV by Graham, 2E1GOQ - Beachcombers Story, Part Eight.

November 2008 Wanted, material for Catswhisker - Know your fellow members (pictures) - Is it time for a change? stop messing about with our clocks! by Custos - AGM News from the SDRG - Beachcombers Story, Part Nine'

December 2008 The End of Maritime MF Working - Know you fellow members (pictures) and congratulations to Mike, G3RZG and Ron, G3EGV - Of Babies, Bathwater and Morse Code by Custos - Beachcombers Story, Final episode.

January 2009 Sebastian Green, 2E1IHL completes his around Britain walk - Silent Key: Tom Biddlecombe, G3WAO - QSL card for GB5OD just arrived in the post!

February 2009 The future of our society is in doubt! - Beachcombers Story is now available as a single document.

March 2009 No change at the SDRS, for the time being at least! - Silent Key: Silas Nelnmes, G5AHX - Ringstead Bay Tropospheric Scatter Station -  Know your fellow members (pictures) Bill, G3EAT - Catswhisker distribution survey result.

April 2009 VP8YLE, a report on last months talk by Nicky, M5YLO. Morse Tests available, get your full 'Class A' now! Silent Key: Ashley, G6XSK.

May 2009 AGM Report - Treasurers Report - Update on USAF Ringstead and Portland - 2009 QRP Rally Report.

June 2009 Constructing Kits, a report and pictures about the May meeting - IMD 2009, a report and pictures.

July 2009 Silent Key: Bill Burden, G3EAT.

August 2009 Museums Weekend 2009 report - GX3SDS operation at the Nothe Fort for the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings report - Huge Table-Top sale at the July meeting report.

September 2009 SDRS at Hamfest 2009 - Carol and Rob's Birthday Bash, the good and bad news!

October 2009 'GLK London calling the world' - Tony Hancock raised our spirits with his hilarious 'The Radio Ham' - South Dorset Repeater Group AGM Notice - Material wanted for Catswhisker - Lost Jacket.

November 2009 A new meeting place will be needed for the SDRS in the New Year - Ofcom's 'Spectrum Plan' for the London 2012 Olympic Games published - SDRG 2000 AGM Report - G0EVW Radio History.

December 2009 A new meeting place for the SDRS is announced - G0EVW Radio History (present Day) - Local Amateur fined for holding a mic while driving.

January 2010 More on Mobile Operating Safety and the 'Jimmy Carr Case' - The end of Mobile Operating as we know it?

February 2010 Global Warming - National Hamfest 2009 - BYLARA Awards - MZX Chelmsford, 90 Years of British Broadcasting - Congratulations Fred and Rose Record.

March 2010 Old Marconi Callsign MZX used by the RAF - Carl's Story, more on mobile operating safety and the Law - New SDRS and SDRG Website - George, G3DLG Silent Key.

April 2010 AGM 2010 Notice and Agenda - Letter from Brian Cake, KF2YN/G8AFH - International Marconi Day - SDRS Website News.

May 2010 Chairman's Report for 2009/10 - FRARS Hamfest 2010 Notice - Information sought on rare Air Ministry Morse Key 10A 1303 - USAF Verne Radio Station by Scott, K6VOA.

June 2010 Subscriptions due - May meeting report - Spring clean your radio - New event, QRP in the country - IMD 2010 report - Yeovil QRP convention report.

July 2010 June meeting report - G0EVW's Shack clear-out - Museums Weekend report - Vintage Wireless update.

August 2010 Article about BBC Broadcasting during WW2, including the 'Home Service' 'H' Station located in Weymouth.

September 2010 Update on the Weymouth 'H' Group Station plus a complete list of all WW2 'H' Group stations - Hamfest 2010 report - Lighthouse and Lightships 2010 report and CW Log - A day trip to France/Europe by mobile phone.

October 2010 2011 RSGB Yearbook available to members - Air-raid on the Armoured Corps Depot at Bovington Camp - News from the South Dorset Repeater Group - Weymouth Wireless Manufacturing and the History of the Smith Family.

November 2010 Weymouth 'H' Station update - October SDRS meeting report about 'miniVNA' Aerial Analyser demo.

December 2010 Images from the past - SDRS Website update - Just for fun, English language/KISS technology/Expert predictions.

January 2011 BYLARA Special Event Station 'RNLI SOS Weekend' - 2011 is SDRS 50 Year Anniversary - December 2010 Meeting 'The Smith Three' - New DVD available 'The Spies who lost the Battle of Britain'.

February 2011 David, G3OEW Silent Key - January club meeting review - Now We Are 50 (2001) - How should we celebrate? - SDRS Website update - From the Archives 'why should I join a club?'

March 2011 Now We Are 50 (2002) - From the Archives 'GB0WNF Nothe Fort 1989/90' - Important SDRS Website and e-mail changes.

April 2011 Now We Are 50 (2005) - The Post Office Station Inspections and use of the BC221 - AGM Notice and Agenda - 'Imagineering' GB0BAW at the Bath and West Show.

May 2011 Now we are 50 (2006) - AGM 2011 Report - Old SDRS Website closed.

June 2011 Now we are 50 (2007) - QRP in the Country - IMD 2011 Report and Pictures.

July 2011 Now we are 50 (2008) - New site for GB3SW - Two Chinese hand-held rigs reviewed.

August 2011 Now we are 50 (2003) - Fred Record, G4JVQ Silent Key - Local Olympic Communications will use 70cm Amateur Band - SDRS members on YouTube - From the Archives 2002 'Nicks Story'.

September 2011 Hamfest 2011 Report - Now we are 50 (2009) -  GB3DR to go to full CTCSS.

October 2011 Now we are 50 (2010) - SDRG AGM Notice - Wanted: material for Catswhisker - Letter to the Editor - News from Arthur, M0VAW.

November 2011 Now we are 50 (Final) - Tony, G3YWG Silent Key - The Annoying Tick - Olympic use of 70cm - Rampisham to close - Vintage Amateur Radio film on the Web - Letter to the Editor - SDRG Communication Problems.

December 2011 The South Dorset 40 metre Net - The Reverse Beacon Network - The Ionospheric Monitoring Group - Repeater News - Home construction booming.

January 2012 Christmas 2011 Meeting pictures - The South Dorset Net news - Viscum Album - Home Construction, (still) booming!

February 2012 Events for 2012 - Titanic Disaster Anniversary - FUNcube News - Special Calls for Olympic Games.

March 2012 Bournemouth Radio Society Junk Sale at Kinson is cancelled - RMS Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic - G2XQ video on Youtube - Zeppelin airships during WWI.

April 2012 SDRS 2012 AGM Notice - IMD 2012 GB0MBS Notice - The South Dorset 40 metre Net Update - Special Club Calls GQ3SDS and GO3SDS - The WS18 - SDRS 50th Anniversary.

May 2012 2012 AGM, brief report - Silent Key, Ken O'Brien - Silent Key, Bob Simpson, G3SLG - Postcard of Carpathia - The South Dorset 40 metre Net Update - HF Gems.

June 2012 GQ3SDS operational - South Dorset 40 metre Net Report - IMD 2012 Pictures.

July 2012 Temporary usage of channels on 2m to support the London 2012 Games - Introduction to data modes video - Repeater News, A new GB3SD and Voice ID on GB3DR - QRP in the Country.

August 2012 FRARS Hamfest notice - Repeater News, The new GB3SD is installed and Echolink is working again - Report on QRP in the Country.

September 2012 The G8WQ Story - Hamfest 2012 Success - Bert, G3XHR Silent Key - GO3SDS and G8WQ on the air.

October 2012 Work the World on a Handy - SDRG2000 AGM Notice - SDRS presented with Diamond Jubilee Award - The South Dorset Nets - GB3YS back on the air - Air Traffic Control 1934.

November 2012 SDRS hosts SDRG for the Repeater Group AGM - How good is the RF performance of your Mobile Phone - 'QRP in the Country' has a new name for 2013.

December 2012 SDRG AGM Report - South Dorset 40M Net News - Reading/Downloading Documents and Files from the SDRS Website - Remember to Validate your Licence - G2LZ Weymouth Harbour.

January 2012 Christmas Social Report - G2LZ Update - FitSat Flashing Morse Code Satellite.

February 2013 January Meeting Report - M2Z will be active in March as MJ2Z - Validating Club Licenses - Rich, M5RIC returns to the hobby and builds the Elecraft K3 - Greetings from Italy.

March 2013 International Marconi Day 2013 advance notice - PropHF - Astronomy/Radio Astronomy/Radio Amateur Astronomy, website links from Mike, G7HNY - Pat Hawker, G3VA Silent Key - GB3SD Internet Link - RSGB Centenary.

April 2013 AGM Notice - OFCOM explains 5MHz NOV - NASA reports 'double peak' Solar Cycle - IMD 2013 Notice - April Fools by Custos!

May 2013 AGM Report and Minutes - Spark Failure at IMD 2013 - Solar Max almost here? - Davis and Hadley of Fortuneswell - 'Guglielmo' Marconi.

June 2013 2013 Membership Subscription due - News of Mike Murphy G0LQI - SDRS 40 Metre Net News - Repeater News (GB3DR blocked by QRM) - Mike's (G8VCN) Magnetic Loop.

July 2013 Mike's Mag Loop - Repeater Duplexer Design and Interference Problems - More research about Davis and Hadley of Fortuneswell.

August 2013 SDRS at Hamfest - Frank, G3CFV Silent Key - July Meeting Report 'Model Helicopters'.

September 2013 SDRS at Hamfest Report - Frank, G2XQ Silent Key - Items for Sale - Home Brew Dual Band Half Wave by Mike, G8VCN - Can you help the 'FreeTime' project?

October 2013 SDRS September Meeting Report - The South Dorset Net Update - From the Archives Ernie, G3PU - Say 'HI' to Juno on 10m - 'UFO' a Misdescription? - SDRG AGM Notice - Science News from NASA.

November 2013 SDRG AGM Notice - SDRS October Meeting Report - From the Archives, Bill, G0NRQ - FreeTime 'Our Stories' Update - Advertising in Catswhisker.

December 2013 SDRG AGM Thanks - South Dorset Net News - South Dorset Repeater Group News, Digital Repeater proposed for West Dorset - GB3YS Update.

January 2014 A (True) Christmas Tale - December Meeting - Update 0n GB3DR and GB7SD and other Repeater News - Amateur Radio in the Country (G7HNY) - GLK London.

February 2014 Repeater News, GB7SD is licensed and GB3DR is moving QTH - A Cautionary Tale of Choking Hazards and casual Pick-Ups - Digital Radio Switch-Over on 2022?

March 2014 IMD 2014 Advance Notice - No Aerials? No Problemo! (Use Echolink) - Repeater News.

April 2014 AGM 2014 Notice and Egenda - IMD 2014 Final Notice and lots of pictures of past events - Repeater and South Dorset Net News.

May 2014 AGM Reports - Repeater Group News - IMD Data Log.

June 2014 D-Day + 70 event planned - IMD 2014 pictures, plus a story by Ray, M0XDL - Repeater News.

July 2014 GB8WQ Nothe Fort Picture Special - WWI Notes - Repeater News GB7SD Ready to go!

August 2014 Prepare for Hamfest - SDRS Assets: New SDRS Banner and Video Projector acquired - South Dorset Net suspended until September - Lighthouse Event at Portland Bill planned - Repeater News Digital Update - EQSLs by Ray, M0XDL.

October 2014 Repeater Group AGM announced - Repeater and Beacon News from Dave, G3ZXX - VHF NFD on Alderney 1976 - Wilf, G8JQA 
Silent Key.

November 2014 South Dorset 40m Net update - More SDRS on Alderney - SDRG 2014 Newsletter.

December 2014 The South Dorset Repeater Group is 40 years old next year! -  CQ Serenade - Mike M0NJA Silent Key.

January 2015 Thirty Years of Mobile Phoning - Repeater News Digital Update - South Dorset Net News.

February 2015 Development of Mobile Phone by Chelmsford Radio Amateurs - The Connect Systems CS700 DMR/FM Portable Radio reviewed in Radcom - From the Archives, Les the Bowler! - Ghost SDRS Website - Proposed changed to Amateur Radio Licence, OFCOM got it wrong!

March 2015 Bequest 0f £1000.00 to SDRS - Solar Eclipse March 20 - South Dorset Net News - New 2M Dual Mode Repeater for Dorset - Hamtek UK Demo at February meeting report.

April 2015 IMD Notice - GB3PY and SDRG 40 years old - Digital Repeater News (GB7DR now linked to the SW Cluster) - South Dorset Net G7HNY Station pictures - New UK Amateur Licence issued - Nora (Dolly) Dean passed away - SDRS AGM Notice and Agenda.

May 2015 Have you got your new Amateur licence? - IMD 2015 report and pictures - DMR South West Cluster coverage - 'Waterproof' mobile phone?

June 2015 Building a budget laptop - Go Green with eQSL - SDRS Times Past pictures.

July 2015 Silent Key, Bill Young, G4KUU - GB3/7SD Repeater antenna falls to pieces! Times Past, Hamfayre '93 poster.

August 2015 Obituary for Bill, G4KUU - Pluto, whose Planet? - Alone in Space - SDRS 40m Net suspended until September - Hamfest 2015 Notice - Lighthouse Weekend Notice - Beware the Stuff! - Lots of items for sale.

September 2015 G0EVW 50 years married - GWR = GMT (proper Time) - Beware fake OFCOM e-mails.

November 2015 (There was no October Catswhisker this year) Report on event at Burton Bradstock - JOTA at Crossways - Editor still off the Grid!

December 2015 SDRG AGM Notice - JOTA Report - Stolen Repeater Equipment.