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All the editions of Catswhisker from August 1995 onward can now be found from the link below: 

Our Society's Newsletter has been called 'The Catswhisker' since it's inception. The word is defined thus in the Oxford Concise Dictionary:

cat's whisker n.
a fine adjustable wire in a crystal radio receiver.
the cat's whiskers (or pyjamas) slang - an excellent person or thing.

A full archive of all the PDF and HTML versions of Catswhisker that have been published since July 1999 is available from the 'SDRS Catswhisker Archive' page and a summary of contents of the PDF versions is available on the 'SDRS Catswhisker Contents' page. The 'Search this site' option at the top right of all pages will quickly locate any item of interest that is stored anywhere on this website, including the contents of Catswhiskers.

Archived Catswhiskers can be accessed from the Subpage links at the bottom of this page.

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