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 (Updated 18/08/07)

After 21 years of service, the Packet Radio Node WEY2 (G0PGT-2) was taken out of service in August 2007. The Network links to WOOL and ARMY had disappeared without warning and WEY2 was left completely isolated and therefore redundant. Many thanks to all those who helped provide and maintain the facility over the years.


HISTORY In November 1986 a Packet Radio Node was installed at the site operating on 2m and later a 23cm port was added. GB7SD (WEY2) and GB7SD-1 (WEY23) formed part of the SWAX25 Packet Radio network in the South West providing user access and network linking. The original equipment was supplied and built by Edward, G3VPF from Chickerell near Weymouth who was the first station to use AX25 in the UK. Originally part of the South West AX 25 Network (SWAX25) they were later financed from SDRG funds. The Nodes were taken over by SDRG2000 in 1999 although Edward continued to hold the licence. They were closed down and removed from the site in April 2005 to make way for GB3DR.
The SDRG committee agreed to a proposal from Geoff, G0EVW that the redundant equipment should be made available to the local Packet Radio providers to help support the Network and subsequently WEY2 came back on the air in the evening of May the 19th 2005 from the QTH of John, G0PGT.

WEY2 (now G0PGT-2) on 144.950 MHz was installed at the QTH of John, G0PGT during the evening of 19/05/05 and worked well. John's QTH was about 4 miles NW of the Repeater Site and the coverage was similar to the original WEY2. The RF performance was improved by the addition of a Microwave Modules Power Amplifier and receive Pre-Amplifier and most people in the Weymouth and Dorchester area were able to connect to WEY2 direct.

The Node used TheNet X-1J4 software and provided a good connection to the DX Cluster and the BBS, GB7CIP (DX and BBS commands) and all the many useful facilities that they and their Nodes provided. A user guide in MS Word or PDF format was available to download. TheNet X-1J4 software included an IP router and had many extra commands and advanced features.

THANKS Many thanks to Paul, G4APL who provided, programmed and fitted the EPROM's for the new WEY2 and Eric, G0CGL who provided the Network Node and DX Cluster facility at Wool. Also thanks to George, G3DLG who donated a good quality Power Supply Unit that was needed to supply the increased current requirement of the PA and Geoff, G0EVW who provided the PA/Pre-amp. Finally, special thanks to John, G0PGT who provided the site, aerial system and electricity to power WEY2.