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Page updated 25/02/17

GB7DR is now connected to the South West Cluster.

20/03/16 There has been an Intermittent problem with the Internet connection and the link to the SW Cluster for some time. During the last site visit the Repeater was changed and everything seemed to be working well but after a few hours the Internet connection failed again.It is now believed to be caused by problems with the Intranet at the site and this is proving hard to resolve.

12/05/16 The Repeater Keeper has promised to sort out the Internet connection as soon as possible and restore GB7DR to the South West Cluster but at the moment it is still not known how long this will take.

12/09/16 The Keeper will try to restore a full Internet connection in the next 7-10 days that will be independent of the on-site LAN as all attempts to get it working properly have failed.

22/10/16 Regretfully, the Internet Connection has still not been accomplished. Currently, a discussion is taking place that hopefully will resolve the problem for the long term. This page will be updated as soon as there is anything more to report.

20/02/17 Jon, G7ICH is now the Keeper and has recently made some changes to the Internet Connection. At the time of this posting everything seems to be working well.

21/02/17 Unfortunately the Internet connection is still intermittent but John, G7ICH is working hard to resolve the problem. At the time of this posting it was working correctly again.

25/02/17 The Internet connection has been stable for the last few days and GB7DR is connected to the South West Cluster.


The Keeper is now Jon, G7ICH

GB7DR is a Digital Voice Repeater using DMR/TDMA technology located in Poole QRA IO90AR

The output frequency is 439.4250MHz and the input frequency is 430.4250MHz

Colour Code 5 Time Slot 1 Talk Group 9 (local working)      Time Slot 2 Talk Group 950 (South West Cluster)
Please note the repeater is not connected to DMR MARC.

Repeater consists of a Motorola DR3000, a Procom duplexer and a 4 stack folded dipole antenna.

Motorola DR3000 Repeater

GB7DR went live at 17:00 UTC on the 30th January 2015, after nearly six months of planning, plus numerous false starts chasing commercial premises that would give the repeater the most advantageous site. All technical aspects of the project were dealt with by Chris Shorto G6WHI through his company DMR Networks Ltd. Chris also succeeded in securing the final installation site of GB7DR at Alfatronix Ltd. through liaison with Mr John Thomson G8SYD of Panorama Antennas Ltd. Repeater installation was provided by DMR Networks Ltd. and Richard Ayley G6AKG and the project was funded mainly through personal gifting. Nick Foot G4WHO supplied the repeater and the Poole Amateur Radio Society covered the majority of the installation costs. Liaison with local radio clubs was performed by Les Barns G0FAJ, Rob Mott G0ECX. GB7DR is now linked via the internet to the South West Cluster of DMR repeaters. This network provides group coverage to Bristol, Bath, South Wiltshire, South Somerset, North Dorset, Weymouth, Poole and  Bournemouth.

List of Sponsors:

Mr. Nick Foot, G4WHO, AQL EMC Ltd.

Mr. Keith Reilly, Alfatronix Ltd.

Mr. Chris Shorto, DMR Networks Ltd.

Mr. Jon Fulcher, Sales Director, ibcos Computers Ltd.

Poole Amateur Radio Society

Help From:

Mr Andrew Barret G8DOR, ETCC Member for the South West, England and Vice Chairman.

Committee and members of the South Dorset Repeater Group.

Mr John Thomson G8SYD, Technical Sales & Support Manager, Panorama Antennas Ltd.

Mr. David Griffin of AT&G Datanet Ltd.

The GB7DR Repeater has not been directly financed by the SDRG but will be part of the local Cluster. Potential users and supporters of GB7DR who wish to contribute to the running costs can donate to the SDRG where a separate fund will be maintained. Please mention GB7DR if you send a cheque or use the PayPal facility on this website to ensure that your contribution goes into the correct fund.
Contribute here: Donate to SDRG

 Also see the ETCC Website for more information: GB7DR