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Updated 03/01/14 - There was a fault on this page and the albums were not available.
This has now been corrected. Please report any problems to Geoff, G0EVW

'There was a good attendance at the SDRG AGM'

But seriously, to view albums of SDRG pictures click any of the thumbnails below.

Pete, 2E1HFS, John, G0PGT, Rob, G0ECX and Mike, M1AFE installing the new mast in 2001.

To see pictures taken after the work in May 2010 click on the above picture.


Click on the picture above to see pictures of the new repeaters built by Chris, G6WHI for GB3SD and GB3YS


GB3DR Aerial

Above is the single folded dipole used for TX and RX by GB3DR at our  Eggerdon Site.

GB3SD and GB7SD Aerials

Above are the GB3SD and GB7SD aerials at our Ridgeway Site.
The stack of four folded dipoles at the top is shared by both repeaters on TX.
The two pairs of stacked folded dipoles are used as RX aerials - one stacked pair for each repeater.
The pair to the left (East) are used on GB3SD RX and the pair behind (South) are used on GB7SD.