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Echolink Status

This page should display the current status of the link to GB3SD (GB3SD-R) Previously this information was shown here: SDRG News/Log

Please note that this link is only operational when the sysop is available to supervise it and is also liable to interruption for essential station maintenance.

All times shown are local (UK).

03/01/13 The link is liable to interruption today.

A replacement router is under test and the link seems to be working OK. All being well we now have a spare.

07/01/13 Unfortunately the sysop is ill so expect some changes to the operational times - the most likely being late start-up and early close-down.

11/01/13 Operational times should now be back to normal.

18/01/13 Echolink is off line until further notice because of equipment failure.

20/01/13 Update to above: The Link Transceiver is faulty (SMC 2546L8) and we do not have a spare. Hopefully it can be fixed but the Group is also considering a more modern alternative such as the Motorola GM340 that we use for the repeater.

26/01/13 It is hoped to get Echolink back in service soon.

Update to above: Echolink is back on line. Many thanks to Chris, G6WHI who provided the GM340 ready cabled and programmed. Normal operational times of 1000 - 2200 local time should now apply most days.

30/01/13 The GM340 is working well and is now providing a noise free signal into GB3SD. Audio quality and levels from most Echolink connected stations is excellent. The current Router set-up (using a Netgear Router) allows connections from all stations and at last seems to have overcome the problems associated with Port Forwarding that has plagued some users in the past.

08/02/13 From today until further notice the link will be operational from Friday 1000 - Monday 2200. Other weekdays will continue as before 1000 - 2200.

14/02/13 Yesterday the link shut down at approximately 1830 because of an automated Windows Update!

25/02/13 The log shows little or no activity overnight at weekends so operational times have now reverted to 1000 - 2200 daily.

03/03/13 There might be some interruption to the service today.

11/03/13 The link failed yesterday when the program crashed - normal service is now restored.

14/03/13 The link failed yesterday at around 1830 when Windows did a re-boot! Limited service was restored at 1000 today and after some initial problems with the router settings was restored fully by 1130.

22/03/13 At 1200 today there was a brief interruption to the Internet connection that might have given some connectivity problems during the afternoon. Full service was resumed by 1915.

27/03/13 Echolink was off-line for a few hours yesterday.

28/03/13 Echolink will be liable to interruption today whilst work is done to try and correct an intermittent connectivity problem.

Update: Normal service was restored at 1200 today and everyone should now be able to connect without any problem.

21/04/13 There were a couple of short outages this afternoon/early evening.

22/05/13 Echolink was off-line from 1315 until 1530 today for essential maintenance. The system should be available 24/7 for the coming Spring Holiday weekend, from 1000 Friday 24 until 2200 Tuesday 28.

07/06/13 Echolink will be enabled 24/7 this weekend.

10/06/13 There was little or no activity overnight during the weekend and operational times are now back to normal. You can phone the Sysop on 07840694757 to request an extension to the normal operational times if needed.

03/08/13 The link currently on 24/7.

10/08/13 The link will revert to normal operational times (1000 - 2200) from Monday August 12 as according to the log there has been little or no Echolink activity overnight. However, the actual start-up time is usually earlier in the morning and shut-down time is often later at night than the scheduled time and the link is not normally switched off if it is in use.

26/08/13 The Router failed early this morning and Echolink was off-line for a short while while the spare was installed.

1500 BST Update: Internet connectivity is currently intermittent - normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

1940 BST Update: Everything should be back to normal now. However exactly what happened is still a mystery! After almost 3 months of a trouble free Internet connection numerous network problems started to occur and eventually the router would not respond at all. The spare worked for a while and then the Internet connection dropped. At the moment we are back on the original DG834G router which seems OK now. If anyone has an unwanted DG834 (G or not and almost any version) please consider donating it to the Repeater Group as it is one of the few models that will work properly when Echolink is used in sysop mode.

03/08/13 Advance Notice of service outage. It is likely that the Internet link to GB3SD (GB3SD-R) will be unavailable from Saturday August 7 for up to 14 days. Please visit this page frequently for further updates.

15/09/13 Normal service should resume on Sunday September 22 2013.

20/09/13 Normal service resumed this afternoon.

06/10/13 The Internet connection failed early this morning and the Router was rebooted at approximately 0940. The link was then tested and found to be fully functional.

27/10/13 GB3SD-R is currently operational again after a brief outage early this morning. Everything should now be back to normal but if any unusual difficulties are encountered accessing the link please contact Geoff, G0EVW.

29/10/13 The link seems to be working well. Please note that it is often on earlier and off later than the published times and occasionally 24/7 - especially at weekends. You can phone the Sysop on 07840694757 to request an extension to the normal operational times if needed.

31/10/13 There have been a few brief interruptions to the service yesterday and today and some users might have had difficulty connecting even when the link was operational but everything should be now be back to normal.

15/11/13 There will be an interruption to the service during the afternoon next Tuesday (19/11/13) whilst a new electricity meter is fitted.

17/01/14 The link has been working well with no problems at all since the last update.

21/01/14 The Netgear DG834G Router failed on Sunday last and had to be replaced with the only spare that the Group has, which is a later model DG834 (non Wi-Fi). There was only a very short break in service.

23/01/14 The Internet connection failed this afternoon and Echolink is currently unavailable. Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

24/01/14 Attempts are being made this morning to restore full access to GB7SD-R and hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.
1530 UTC Update: Full access to the link has now been restored.

25/01/14 The link is working well and will now return to normal operational schedule.

26/01/14 There was short break in service between 1430 and 1445 this afternoon while the Router was changed and the system was re-booted.

17/02/14 The Internet connection failed early this this morning. Normal service should be restored before 1200.

24/03/14 Echolink was off-line this morning but was returned to full service by 1215.

27/11/14 Echolink was off-line most of today. This was caused by a failure of the Internet connection. Normal service was resumed at 1730.

27/01/15 Echolink was off-line for system maintenance from 1200 until 1530 today.

09/03/15 There has been some interruption to the Echolink service this morning but normal service should resume later today.

12/03/15 Echolink has been off-line this morning but should return to normal service later today.

02/06/15 There was a short break in service today from approximately 1700 - 1800 whilst a new Router was installed. There will be a delayed start tomorrow morning (wednesday) but hopefully normal service will be restored by 1100.

03/06/15 Echolink is currently off-line. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Echolink returned to service at 1445 today.

13/06/15 The Sysop is moving QTH and the link is currently QRT - hopefully normal service will resume soon.

20/06/15 Echolink is now back in service from the QTH of Rob, G0ECX.

13/08/15 Echolink is currently QRT. Normal service should be restored by the end of next week.

24/08/15 Echolink is now back on-line and operating normally.

22/09/15 Echolink is currently QRT. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

06/12/15 Work to restore Echolink to GB3SD is taking longer than expected but hopefully GB3SD-R will be back on soon.

03/01/16 Echolink is now operational.

19/01/16 Echolink has been QRT for a few days now. I don't know why - sorry.

22/01/16 The Sysop reports that there has been a problem with the computer that runs Echolink but that is should be sorted out soon.

04/02/16 Echolink has been intermittently available with limited access at times but currently is still not operational.

06//02/16 Echolink (GB3SD-R) is operating but with limited and intermittent connectivity. The Sysop reports that it is still 'work in progress'.

08/02/16 Still very limited connectivity. Stations using mobile Apps (Android and iOS) can't connect at all most of the time.

12/02/16 Echolink is currently off-line again.

14/02/16 The Sysop reports that Echolink should now be working correctly.

18/02/16 Echolink is now working correctly.

22/02/16 Echolink is Intermittent today.

29/02/16 Echolink is still suffering from multiple intermittent problems and currently has very low through audio.

04/03/16 Audio had been slightly improved but this afternoon there is no RF connection to GB3SD at all.

05/03/16 Echolink still seems to have an intermittent internet connection.

07/03/16 Echolink seems to be working OK at the moment although the through audio might still be on the low side.

09/03/16 Echolink is off-line again today.

10/03/16 Echolink is working this morning.

03/04/16 After a short period off-line yesterday afternoon Echolink is now working normally.

15/04/16 Echolink went  off-line yesterday and is still not working this morning.

16/04/16 Echolink came back on-line yesterday evening and is now working normally.

12/05/16 Echolink is currently off-line for a few days. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

17/05/16 Echolink came back on-line this afternoon.

29/05/16 Echolink does not seem to be connected to the Internet at the moment (1122 BST).
                 Update 1600 BST: Back to normal now and working OK.

01/07/16 Echolink is off-line at the moment (1200 BST).

02/07/16 Echolink is back on-line today and seems to be working normally.
                 Update 1250 BST: Echolink is off-line again!

04/-7/16 Echolink is intermittent - sometimes it is on and sometimes it is off!

06/07/16 Echolink has been off-line for the last few days.

07/07/16 Echolink returned to normal service at 1200 today. The Sysop reports that he has been experiencing LAN problems.

13/07/16 Echolink is off-line again this morning.
                 Update 1415 BST: Echolink is on again!

26/07/16 Echolink is off-line this morning.
                 Update 0945 BST: Back on again now!

15/09/16 Echolink is off-line.

17/09/16 Echolink came back on-line around 1300 BST today.

18/09/16 Echolink is off-line again this morning.

19/09/16 Echolink is back on line.

13/10/16 Echolink is off-line and has been for the last 24 hours.

15/10/16 Echolink is back on-line this morning.

09/11/16 Echolink has been off all day today.

10/11/16 Echolink is still off-line. The Sysop is aware but has not provided any reason.

12/11/16 Echolink is back on-line this morning.

01/01/17 Echolink is off-line owing to a power failure. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
                 Update at 1620: Echolink is now back on.

03/01/17 Echolink operation is currently intermittent.

04/02/17 Echolink is operating normally.

02/03/17 Echolink was off-line this morning after a Router change. This is currently being investigated and normal service will resume as soon as possible.

07/03/17 Echolink is back on-line.

17/03/17 Echolink has been Intermittent for the last few days.

04/05/17 Echolink is still intermittent. Today it in online but there is no audio out from the link to GB3SD.

06/05/17 No updates available - sorry. Geoff, G0EVW

23/12/17 Echolink has been working well for the last few months with very few outages.

28/12/17 Echolink has been off-line for the last three days.

01/01/18 Echolink is still off the air. The Sysop reports a failure of mains power to to the station.

11/01/18 Echolink came back on this afternoon.

27/05/18 Echolink went off-line this afternoon but came back again overnight.