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GB3SD is linked to the Internet using Echolink. The Node number of GB3SD-R is 112689.

It is now linked via RF from the QTH of Rob Mott, G0ECX using the callsign GB3SD-R


Tests were conducted in June 2003 but were discontinued after a few weeks.

At the 2005 A7GM, Rob Mott, G0ECX volunteered to provide a link using EchoLink and this was gratefully accepted. On the 25th of November 2005 at 1320 UTC the new facility was switched on and was operational in 'attended mode' most evenings and weekends.

In July 2012 provision of the Echolink facility was taken over by Geoff, G0EVW who was the original Echolink NOV holder for the SDRG.

In June 2015 provision of the Echolink facility was once again taken over by Rob, G0ECX.


You can find full details about EchoLink on the web site at: and how to use it on this page:

Also, by popular request, Rob, G0ECX produced a brief guide to using the link that you can read here: echolink guide Please note that the file is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Problems or reports to Rob, G0ECX please.

GB3SD-R at the QTH of G0EVW 27/01/13

The Remote Link Station (GB3SD-R) uses a Motorola GM340 transceiver operating on channel RB14 (just like any normal user) running just 1W output. The Toshiba laptop computer is running Windows XP and is connected via a G3VFP MKIII Controller to the GM340.

Port Forwarding:

If you are using the Windows software on a Home Network you must set up Port Forwarding correctly.

Steps needed in your Router set-up to make Echolink work properly:

1) Make a new Firewall rule called Echolink that forwards incoming data on UDP Ports 5198 - 5199
2) Assign that rule to the device (computer) that is running Echolink.
3) Set your Router to always assign the same IP address to the Echolink device.

5) Only when all the above is done, reboot the Echolink computer.

6) Check that the port forwarding test in Echolink returns 100% success.

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