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GB3SD was 40 years old in 2016

On April 5 2018 our mast at the Ridgeway Site suffered catastrophic damage. Only two sections of the mast are now in use and the aerials are mounted on what was the middle section, which is bent. As a result the aerials are no longer vertical and about 20ft lower than they were. Although at this time both GB3SD and GB7SD are still working, their performance has been seriously affected on both RX and TX.

The above picture shows the current state of our mast and aerials.
Much of our Primary service area, particularly to the South of the site is seriously compromised. 

It is still not known when the mast replacement will take place.

Update 12/01/19

The January 2019 Newsletter is now available here: Newsletters

Update 22/11/18

Annual General Meeting 2018

The AGM of the South Dorset Repeater Group will be held on Wednesday 5th December 2018 starting at 7:30pm. More details can be found in the October Newsletter here: Newsletters

Update 11/06/18

The SDRG held a committee meeting on Thursday June 7 and decided to replace the tower. A newsletter is being produced and will be sent out to supporters and users as soon as possible and also published on this website.

Update 12/06/18

The June Newsletter is now available to read here: Newsletters

Update 21/06/18

A further Newsletter will be published within the next few days.

The June (3) Newsletter is now available to read here: Newsletters

Geoff, G0EVW (Repeater Keeper)  13/11/18


2017 AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Group was held on Tuesday February 6 2018 at the studios of the Ridgeway Community Radio Station in Dorchester. All users and supporters of our Repeaters were urged to attend.

The 2017 Newsletter and an AGM report is available here: Newsletters


GB3SD and GB7SD Aerials (06/06/15)
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The above image shows how GB3SD and GB7SD are configured.
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For information about GB7SD see here: GB7SD

For information about GB7DR see here: GB7DR

GB3SD is Internet connected using Echolink

For the latest news about all our repeaters see here: News

For Repeater service status see here: Log

For Echolink Service status see here: Echolink Status

The Group has to fund all the equipment provision and maintenance, plus site rent, electricity and third party insurance. Our site rent has more than doubled in the last twelve years and annual running costs are now estimated to be around £600.00. However the annual subscription has not kept pace with running costs and as a result in 2014/15 a modest increase was necessary - the first one for five years! This was set at £20.00 with family membership at £30.00 and life membership at £200.00 and remains unchanged this year.

A PayPal bank account has been set up for SDRG2000. To pay your subscription and/or make any donation you wish towards the running costs of GB3DR, GB3SD and GB7SD using this method please click the donate button below. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to use this facility. See also 'Subscriptions' lower down this page.

Please note that although the minimum annual donation to subscribe to full membership of the Group is £20.00, it would be appreciated if a small extra payment is made to cover the PayPal administration fee. Just 50 pence (the cost of second class stamp) would help and £1.00 would more than cover it!


(Updated 04/06/18)

The Yeovil Repeater GB3YS was 'rescued' by Chris, G6WHI and Mike, G8NIC and came back on air on 21/02/13. Chris, G6WHI built a brand new repeater that is identical to GB3SD and they also sorted out the aerial system. In March 2016 Dave, G3ZXX took on responsibility for the Repeater and is now the Repeater Keeper:


Updated 20/11/18

Chairman:  Rob, G0ECX

Secretary:  Terry, G0VHS

Treasurer: Edward, G3VPF

Edward Harland

5 Bramdon lane

Portesham, Weymouth DT3 4HG

Other committee members: Chris, G6WHI, Jonathan, G1TGM and Mike, G8NIC.

Repeater Keeper for GB3SD and GB7SD: Geoff Watts, G0EVW Weymouth, Dorset. (DMR ID 2351306) Mobile: 07840694757

Repeater Keeper for GB3DR: Chris, G6WHI.


In 1999 the original founder members of the SDRG retired and the Group was re-formed as SDRG2000. This was to enable a 'clean break' and enable the Group to move forward with a new committee and constitution. However it is still known by most as the 'South Dorset Repeater Group', as it is on these web pages.

Subscriptions: Anyone wishing to contribute financially to the Group can either use the PayPal button at the top of this page or send a cheque, made out to 'South Dorset Repeater Group 2000' to the Treasurer (see above). The annual subscription for 2018 - 19 is £20.00 or £30.00 for family membership. Life membership is also available at £200.00. Please do not send cash by post! Please include your full name and address (including post code) and if you have one, your e-mail address. Please be aware that your personal information may be held on a computer data base for the exclusive use of the Group only.

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