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New website January 2010 - updated 30/10/16

This website replaced the original one that was set up in August 2000 ( which was closed in August 2012 after all the material on it was deleted.

IMPORTANT It has come to our notice that there is now another website claiming to be the South Dorset Radio Society. The Domain Name and URL using the SDRS Club Callsign ( has been registered again to a person unknown to the Society who is using material from our old website without our permission. This fraudulent website has malicious links in the text and should not be visited.
Geoffrey Watts, G0EVW Website Admin.

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Supporting and promoting Amateur Radio since 1961


Providing and supporting Amateur Radio Repeater Stations since 1975

Please note that although this website gives information about both groups: the South Dorset Radio Society (SDRS) and the South Dorset Repeater Group (SDRG) are entirely separate organisations as far as funding and administration is concerned.

This new website contains information about the South Dorset Radio Society (SDRS) and the South Dorset Repeater Group (SDRG) and replaces the original ones. It is maintained by Geoff Watts, G0EVW.

There is now a new Home Address (URL) for this website. It is short and easy to remember, so please use it in future and spread the word that the new home on the Internet for the South Dorset Radio Society and the South Dorset Repeater Group is 
You can think of it as 'South Dorset Radio Groups'.

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DOCUMENTS All the documents stored on this new website with be in Portable Document Format (PDF) as this enables everybody to read them irrespective of their computer hardware and operating system. Many of the older web pages will be converted to PDF format and made available as documents instead. These PDF documents are not listed in the site index (left-hand panel) or the sitemap but will be found listed as attachments on the relevant pages.

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