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Atlantic Bridge


On the 12th of December 1901 the letter S in Morse Code, transmitted from Poldhu in Cornwall was heard by Marconi in Newfoundland. Marconi, who considered the event as the crowning moment in his life wrote:

"Unmistakably, the three sharp little clicks corresponding to three dots, sounded several times in my ear, but I would not be satisfied without corroboration." 'Can you hear anything, Mr Kemp?' I said, handing the telephone to my assistant." "Kemp heard the same thing as I and I knew then that I had been absolutely right in my calculations. The electric waves which were being sent out from Poldhu had traversed the Atlantic, serenely ignoring the curvature of the Earth that so many doubters considered would be a fatal obstacle and they were now effecting my receiver in Newfoundland."

The full story of Marconi's remarkable achievement is told in a book by Gordon Bussey called "Marconi's Atlantic Leap" Published by Marconi Communications (ISBN 0 95389 670 6).

A recording of Marconi's voice can be heard at www.radiomarconi.com Thanks to John, M0BQO for obtaining the following translation from his neighbour, Harry, G3LAG. Some time ago Harry met Princess Elettra when he was president of the radio society in that part of Italy where he worked with Euratom.

"Since 1895, that is from the start of my initial experiments I had a strong intuition and indeed I could almost say a clear and secure vision that radio telegraphic transmissions would be possible over great distances."