Wireless History


All the articles here have been provided by members, friends and guests of the South Dorset Dorset Radio Society.

The articles provided as PDF documents are shown as 'Attachments' at the bottom of this page and can be 'Viewed' or 'Downloaded' by simply clicking on the appropriate link. Please ignore any reference to 'earlier versions'. Otherwise the articles shown below are normal web pages and are available as 'Subpages' - again just click on the link.
  • 'The Suitcase Set' Ted Hall's fascinating story of radio operation behind enemy lines during WW2 with the SOE.
  • '2YT G2YT' The history of the Marconi Callsign 2YT and its re-issue to a Radio Amateur.
  • 'Dorchester Beam Station' The History of The Marconi Wireless Station at Dorchester.
  • 'Portland Bill' The history of the Marconi Wireless Station at Portland Bill.
  • 'Station X' A summary of two lectures given by the Rev. Alan Rogers who was a WW2 Cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park.
  • 'Weymouth Wireless Manufacturers' (Part 1-3) is all about Vintage Wireless manufacturing in Weymouth, England by John Rose, M0BQO.
  • 'Atlantic Bridge' 2001 was the centenary year of transatlantic wireless communication.
  • 'H Group Station List' A list of the 61 BBC WWII local (Home Service) transmitter sites, one of which was located in Weymouth.
  • 'Jack Hum G5UM Callbook' The personal Callbook of G5UM covering 1920 - 1930.
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