Testimonial 1:
I took up fishing a couple of years ago after a forty year lay off, and my interest was sparked by invitations to fly fish for Salmon in Devon and then later in Scotland.
I had no prior experience in fly fishing, so I asked Peter (introduced from Brick Farm) for a few lessons. It turned out that I needed quite a bit of tuition, and Peter was very patient.
Last year I was invited to join a fishing group in Iceland. It was'nt a good week for us as a group, as the fish weren't running. However I managed to catch a 12lb Salmon, the biggest of the week, and one member admired my casting skills.
Much of my success and ability to avoid ridicule over the past couple of years is down to Peter's patience and expertise. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn or improve their skills in any form of fishing.
Chris Smith (Dr) 
Dr Chris Smith with the 12lb Salmon caught in Iceland.