in case you're ever wondering
 My grandmothers, on both sides, were pack rats. When my dad's mom passed away, we spent weeks going through her house deciding what needed to be kept and what needed to be tossed. One summer, in my childhood, her freezer in the garage went out. That doesn't work so well in Florida heat, so my brother and I were deemed the elegant task of cleaning out the freezer. We found things in there with expiration dates from before we were even born. I'm not even kidding.
I used to keep everything. Everything. Ticket stubs, receipts, nick-knacks. Mostly all of that stuff had to do with boys I was dating or interested in, and I finally got up the courage to toss most of that recently. I still keep the really meaningful things, like my journal's and pictures and maybe a few notes here and there. But for the most part, I'm now a big believer of just trashing it. I really don't need to keep the bottle cap from the first beer you ever bought me.
Sometimes the pack-rat tendencies will creep in though.
For example. If you were to take a look in my purse right now you would find:
-An old cell phone, that doesn't work.
-A plastic manatee
-My dogs shot records
-An empty pack of gum
-Someone else's keys
-Matches (I don't smoke)
-A few christmas cards
-Receipts galore
I guess that ok though, since none of it has expired yet...