this day in history


Saturday night was my company's Christmas Party. We can call it a Christmas party rather than a Holiday party, because we there are only 5 of us, and we all celebrate Christmas. So there. Christmas party. I had set up dinner reservations at this swanky restaurant in midtown. Reservations for 10. Us, plus our dates.
I am the youngest one at my office. Above me, there is an attorney who is 31. She's rarely in the office, and works mostly from home but we've sort of bonded over the fact that even though she is some-what an "authority" to me, she can still divulge her weekend rampages to me over the water cooler. But aside from the fact that the rest of my superiors are at least 13 years older, we still know how to have a good time together. Especially when alcohol is involved.
I've had some problems with one of the guys in the office. Stuff that I won't go into detail here, because I'd like to keep my job... But the bottom line is that sometimes, he treats me like I'm an idiotic 5-year old. He'll even do the slow talking with emphasis on the vowels. - Dude, I know how to make a file label, ok? - And though we butt heads in the office most days, he is much better in a social situation, outside of work. His wife on the other hand, is a maniac. She is blunt. There is no other way to put it. She says what she feels and she doesn't care who's feelings she hurts. Sometimes, I don't even think she realizes that she's doing it. But either way...
When I first started working here, she met me, took one look at me and the first words out of her mouth were, "You can't work here." Then she looked at her husband and said, "She can't work here! You told me you were going to hire someone old and ugly!"
Seriously. So, that should set the stage for the evening.
After my boyfriend committed to being my date to the Christmas party, I sat him down and prepped him on the Wife. "No big deal!" He said, "I'll win her over."
We get to the restaurant. My co-worker and the Wife have already started to pre-game. She was cheery and complemented me on my attire. She acknowledged how good looking my boyfriend was. The evening was getting off to a great start.
The Wife sat to my left as my boyfriend sat to my right. All evening they chatted with each other about where he had grown up, what he does for work, what his parents do, etc. She was swooning. After dinner came and the wine flowed, he offered her a bite of his scallop. She almost died. Jokingly I said, "I should move so you all can sit by one another!" and she leaned over and whispered, "That's a good idea. We're in love." I almost fell out of my seat. By desert he was literally FEEDING her bites of his chocolate cake. It really was love. I almost had to wipe the drool from her chin for fear it would fall into my glass of Malbec. What a good sport.
After dinner we wound up here. Co-worker ended up taking the Wife home because of her massive chardonnay intake at dinner. So the rest of us drove down the street to the most famous Atlanta landmark: The Clermont Lounge. Yes, I went to see 60 year old strippers with my co-workers. And my boyfriend was going shot for shot, Jager-bomb style, with our paralegal. We also got 2 table dances. This night will remain ingrained in my mind for a long time. And so will Porcha's "Peach Cobbler".