Process & Dates

SCI Process

The HKAC will recruit students among study abroad offices and exchange programs at universities in the United States.  Applications will be made online to the HKAC.  A committee of advisors to the SCI, including university faculty and human resource specialists in companies in China, will select the finalists and guide the overall development of the SCI.                       

The HKAC and the UIC will jointly seek out “tandem” placements in companies in south China.  We will approach senior management of American and other multinational corporations, many of whom are based in HK, to encourage their offices in the mainland to host SCI interns.  By offering placements, these companies will provide an important in-kind resource to SCI and the 100,000 Strong Initiative.  We also request that companies assist wherever possible in housing arrangements and some local stipends for the interns.  The UIC will issue documents for the Americans to apply for training visas to China.   

The HKAC will organize a general orientation program on June 10-12 for all American interns in Hong Kong at a university campus.  The Americans will then travel via ferry to the UIC campus in Zhuhai for a continuation of the orientation program.  This will include meeting their mainland student partners or “buddies” from UIC who will join them in their tandem placements.  The HKAC and the UIC will organize a team-building program on the UIC campus.  Then the interns will travel in pairs to the sites of their host companies in south China.                             

The staff at UIC and HKAC will visit each host organization early in the program to speak to the interns, their supervisors and their fellow workers.  As we will not require that the American interns speak and read Chinese, we look to the Chinese “buddies” from UIC to assist in communication on site.  They will work together on a project of some kind that has some relevance and utility for the company.  We strongly encourage Americans to study conversational Mandarin while in China.   The teams of students will present a report to the leadership and staff of the host company in the final days of the internship in early August. 

The students will gather again at UIC in Zhuhai to reflect on their learning and to share among themselves about their experiences in south China.  Each tandem team will present to the whole group a summary of the project(s) they undertook for their host companies.  Representatives from the host companies will participate in the reflection program (August 6-7).  The SCI will end with a celebratory banquet and party.  After the program ends, the Americans and Chinese are free to make personal travel plans in China.   

Important Dates

Important dates for 2013 are summarized below:

January 14

February 14

Round 1 Application deadline (finalists notified before February)

Round 2 Application deadline


Final notifications via email


Payment of $600 USD program fee due to HKAC

March to April

Internship placement confirmation


U.S. students may contact their Chinese intern partners


Pre-departure materials sent out via email


Visa interview at a Chinese consulate in the U.S. for F-Visa application

June 10

Arrival in Hong Kong

June 11

Orientation program in Hong Kong

June 12

Ferry from Hong Kong to UIC in Zhuhai

Welcome banquet and meet Chinese intern partners

June 13-14

Orientation program at UIC in Zhuhai

June 15

Travel to placement site and settle in

June 16

Free day

June 17

Internships begin

August 2

Last day at internship site; project presentations to hosts

August 3

Free time

August 4

Travel to UIC in Zhuhai

August 5

Internships end

August 6

Concluding program and farewell banquet

August 7

End of program - departure