South China Internship Program

Hosted by Hong Kong-America Center

2 Months Student Overseas Internship Project
June to August, 2014

Program details will be announced 

in mid-December

SCIP is more than just an internship, it will be a life changing experience.   

Dear Student:

Chinas rise will create exciting new opportunities for young Americans.  China is a powerful place for personal exploration and for professional career development.  Knowing China from first-hand experience will make a difference in the rest of your life.  

Go west young man! said Horace Greeley to Americans in the 19th century.  That could mean Go further west to China! in the 21st century.  Thats were adventure and opportunity lie.

Many American universities offer summer programs to China.  Most are classroom-based focusing on basic Chinese language and culture.  Most are in Beijing or Shanghai where most foreigners live.  The South China Internship Program offers you something in somewhere different.  Located in the dynamic Pearl River Delta, the so called workshop of the world, this internship program will give you rare access to Chinese and joint venture companies and other organizations where you can learn by direct experience how the Chinese language and culture actually work in everyday life in the 21st century.  SCIP offers an immersion experience in China that will amaze you and test your abilities to adapt and flourish in new situations.  This is not a China program for the faint-hearted, nor a romantic sight-seeing cruise in fantasy China.  SCIP is a real encounter with Chinese people in their places of work and play.  You will discover how creative young people navigate within the spaces between China and the West recently created by rapid economic and social development, especially through Chinas participation in global economic systems since entering the WTO in 2000.  You will make friends for life.  You will know a new place as your own.    

The SCIP is really a series of one-on-one friendships between Chinese and American university students who will spend eight weeks working together in major joint venture companies on the booming cities of China.  They will host pairs of interns, one American and one Chinese over six to eight weeks.  These projects should be useful to the host company, engages the talents of the students, and creates unique learning opportunities for the Sino-American team.  

Because the Ford Foundation has helped to fund the SCIP, the fees will be low, when compared with market-based programs to China, and the competition for places in it will be high.  We want to bring a diverse group of young Americans who are creative, culturally sensitive, and committed to learning with their Chinese partners from this rare cross-cultural experience in China.  

If you think this might be for you, read on.  If you want to join us, clink on Apply and follow the prompts.  I look forward to meeting you in Hong Kong and China next June!

Application is not available until mid-December, 2014.

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