Updated November 22, 2015

2016 Season Information

Online Clothing Order
Deadline:  December 30, 2015

Sale Code:  SCVB1516

Clothing and accessories orders will be delivered during January practices.

Team selections have been posted!
Click on 2016 Team Selections link. 


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Coaching Staff
Our coaches have extensive experience at all levels of high school and club coaching.  Several have experience as collegiate and adult club players.  Schools involved with providing coaches for our club include:  Adams Central, Aurora, Blue Hill, Grand Island, St. Paul, Wood River, Hastings.

2016 South Central Coaches 

2016 Tentative Coaching Assignments - subject to change.

12's:  Chris Ericson
13's:   Jay & Nanci Martin, Lacey Woiteszewski, Cailyn Ostrand, Jamie Isaacson
14's:   Brenda & Pat Glunz, Kari Jo Alfs, Andrea Reed
15's:   Meredy Dubbs, Pinky Dubbs, Kristi Allen, Kortney Allen, Twila Knehans
16's:   Matt Koehn-Fairbanks, Jill Bauer
17's:   Shelli Mohnike, Levi Gorsuch
18's:   Allison Feeney

Jackie Asher - Hastings St. Cecilia youth coach
Kari Jo Alfs - BDS HS Coach
Jill Bauer - Former KSU player
Meredy Dubbs - Former WSC player, HS Coach
Marilyn Dubbs - Former MS / HS Coach
Brenda Glunz - HS Coach, USAV player
Pat Glunz - USAV player, club coach
Chris Ericson - York HS Coach
Peg Heise - Wood River HS Coach
Kristi Allen - Blue Hill HS Coach
Twila Knehans - Adams Central HS Coach
Levi Gorsuch - Sandy Creek HS Coach
Cailyn Ostrand - Hastings College VB Player
Jamie Isaacson - Hastings College VB Player
Kortney Allen - Hastings College VB Player
Tonya Ostrand - Nebraska Christian HS Coach
Andrea Reed - Fillmore Central HS Coach
Jay Martin - Wood River, Adult Club 
Shelli Mohnike - Club coach, VB training
Matt Koehn-Fairbanks - St. Paul HS Coach
Adam Kuntz - Sutton HS Coach
Lois Hixson - Aurora HS Coach
Lacey Woiteszewski - Former Doane VB Player