BRUSHFOOTS: Fritillaries and Anglewings

AMERICAN SNOUT-  widespread North America and in our area, uncommon late winter to late autumn  p.  100  
Snouts are a butterfly that may land on you!

GULF FRITILLARY- summer immigrant- some years becoming common late summer into fall  p.100

VARIEGATED FRITILLARY-   common early spring until late fall  p.  102

DIANA FRITILLARY-  rare to uncommon, open areas mountains and foothills p. 103  male below

GREAT-SPANGLED FRITILLARY-  fairly common late spring through early autumn  p.103

APHRODITE FRITILLARY-  rare with historical records, but found in nearby NC mountains in summer  p.  104  
this one at 5000'+ on nearby western Blue Ridge Parkway

SILVERY CHECKERSPOT-  rare to uncommon, late spring and summer  p. 110

PEARL CRESCENT-  Most common Cresccent.  Common early spring to late fall   p. 113

BALTIMORE CHECKERSPOT-  rare wetland and hypothetical mountains, one brood June, this one, wetland near Inman, SC and first SC record in decades  p. 116

QUESTION MARK-  fairly common late winter to late autumn but uncommon summer  p. 117   Two broods-  the first spring/summer brood has much black on the hind wing.  The second summer/fall brood which over winters has orange on hind wing.  On the top forewing you can see rectangular shaped bar marking that doesn't occur on the Eastern Comma species.

EASTERN COMMA-  smaller and usually less common than Question Mark.  In addition to missing that rectangu;as bar marking, the wings are more jagged than the larger question Mark.  Uncommon late winter to late autumn, but rarer summer when it estivates. Two broods with same color variation as Question Mark, note the common (without the dot)on the underwing of this species.    p. 117

MORNING CLOAK-  uncommon late winter to late autumn, but rarer summer when it estivates p. 121

AMERICAN LADY-  One of our widespread and common butterflies- early spring to late autumn  p. 122

PAINTED LADY- irregular summer into autumn.  Painted Ladies arrive from Texas and Mexico in large numbers some years and are absent other years p. 122
Note the 4 eye spots.  American lady has two eye spots. 

RED ADMIRAL-  irrregular and strongly migratory species that may arrive in April and be rare to common until the fall  migration south  p. 123-