South Carolina Sighting

Susan Wooten was driving down a country highway, years ago, following a friend who was driving in a car ahead. Suddenly something strange flew in front of her car, shocking the young
lady with its pterosaur-appearance. It was "as big as any car" and had "no feathers."
Years later, Susan searched the internet for information on what she had seen. She found
Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the book "Searching for Ropens." Whitcomb interviewed her
and found her to be a credible eyewitness. (Susan drew the sketch on the left)
Susan Wooten will get a whole chapter devoted to her experience, in the upcoming book
"Live Pterosaurs in America." Other sightings of apparent live pterosaurs have been in the
states of Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas,
Wisconsin, and California. The book will be published by about early-June, 2009.
See also Eastern United States Pterosaurs   With a long tail, this was no bat.