Little River Branch Line

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Little River Branch Line

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The Little River Branch Line, was built off the Southbridge Branch Line at Lincoln as a sub-branch in 1886, as the area had one of only two major stands of timber in the Canterbury Region.

In its early years, the line was profitable for freight services due to large quantities of timber being produced and many farms with livestock and produce needing to be transported efficiently.

There was a proposed extension of the line to Akaroa, but it was decided not to build.

Passengers were not a major focus of the line until 1927, when a fast and efficient railcar was trialled on the line. This proved popular until it was destroyed in a depot fire in 1934 and was never replaced due to financial factors in the Great Depression.

Traffic was starting to greatly decrease around this time, due to timber resources running out, and road traffic gradually taking over.

By the 30th of June 1962, the railway closed to all traffic.


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