The Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

The TAPV is a new vehicle to the Canadian Armed Forces and to the Regiment. The TAPV presents great opportunities for the Regiment and its members to use the same equipment in our regular training cycle that the Regular Force uses. This will make it even easier for our well trained crews to train with our affiliated Regular Force Regiment at two major training events every year.

Fielding the TAPV will give our members even more opportunities to join overseas missions as the TAPV training will put our soldiers in even higher demand.

This vehicle will cross difficult terrain and has the ability to put rounds down range with its remote weapons system. Join the Regiment and you will learn to drive this vehicle and engage targets with its weapons systems in short order.


The TAPV is armed with a Remote Weapons System that fields the C16 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) and the C6 General Purpose Machine Gun. Check out the capabilities of those weapons on your favourite video streaming sites.

If you want to drive through rivers of mud or to pull the triggers on these weapons you can by joining the Regiment. We will train you on Weekends, Wednesdays or in the summer. For more information learn how to Become a Soldier