Operations & Training

Operations & Training

Solders in the armoured reserve within Alberta train on a variety of advanced communication and simulators to prepare them to be the “eyes and ears” of the battlefield.

Armoured reservists first train in the basics of soldiering to ensure they can defend themselves dismounted from their vehicles. Thus, they are fully trained in field craft and dismounted combat operations just like the infantry. They are able to effectively engage the enemy with a variety of weapon systems such as their pistols, their service rifle, light machine guns, and ant-tank weapons along with their dismounted crew served machine guns.

After they are proficient in defending themselves dismounted they are trained to work as a crew on one of the many vehicles in the armoured corps. They are first trained as an observer and then they take off road driver training. Once they can move and maintain their vehicle they are assigned a crew commander and become a reconnaissance crew. This is when they are trained in advanced communications, radars, detectors and how to effectively recce a point, zone or route.

Once they are proficient as working close as a team, they are paired with another crew to form a patrol. This patrol forms the basis of how they will operate on the battlefield. Between the crews they learn how to setup and operate observation posts and how to move tactically in support of their mission.

Trained patrols join 3 other patrols and this forms a troop which allows them the ability to be assigned larger and more complex tasks. These larger tasks require the crews to train using vehicle and weapons simulators to keep their skills sharp.

The life of a crewman is never static, and advances in technology, changes to equipment and innovation constantly challenge the crewman to accomplish an ever increasing list of missions for the Commander.

If you are looking for a fast paced, think on your feet role where you act as part of a team using technology and your smarts, then the crewman role may just be for you…..