The Padre

Rev. Capt Shane Hein

The South Alberta Light Horse Regimental Padre is Reverend Captain Shane Hein. Captain Hein is the Pastor for St. Peter Lutheran Church in Medicine Hat and like his fellow Army Reservists, in general, he works as an officer on weekends and Wednesday evenings, but he will support soldiers and their families at other times when they need his help.

During Regimental work periods the Padre will keep his door open, except when speaking with members. If his door is closed, please call or email him and he will get you to come up to his office to speak privately after he has completed his discussions with other members.

The Padre wants to help you or put you in touch with others who can help.

To contact the Padre outside of Regimental work periods:

Mobile: 403-854-0163 (leave a message if he doesn't answer, he will call back after he completes his other call or meeting)

Email: (please identify yourself in the email and provide a call back number; private issues are not to be sent by email, for everyone's protection)