The Guidon

The regiment’s Guidon was presented in 1967 by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra.

The Guidon is made of crimson silk damask cloth, measuring 27 x 41 inches, curving to a swallow-tail fly. The fringe ismade of gilted thread and the cord and tassels are woven with gold and crimson.

At the centre of the Guidon is found the head of a pronghorn antelope. The stag represents the Regiment’s western heritage and origins. The pronghorn is encircled by the Regiment’s name SOUTH ALBERTA LIGHT HORSE, and ensigned by the Royal Crown, all within a wreath of maple leaves. Beneath this is found a scroll inscribed SEMPER ALACER which is the Regimental motto – “Always Brisk.”

In hoist chief and fly base is found a horse courant in silver within a golden scroll which clearly identifies the unit’s origin as a cavalry regiment. In fly chief on a bezant within a wreath of maple leaves proper is the numeral XXIX which represents the Regiments designation as the 29TH Canadian Armoured Regiment. Lastly, in hoist base on a bezant within a wreath of maple leaves proper there is the inscription SALH – the approved abbreviation for the Regiment.

The current Guidon is emblazoned with 21 of the battle honours awarded to the regiment. Upon replacement, the honour AFGHANISTAN will also be emblazoned as well as the additional honours YPRES, 1915 and ARRAS, 1918. The DHH approved design is shown below.

The Canadian Armed Forces have followed many of the traditions and customs of the British Forces of years past and one of the most important to the Regiment is the holding of a Regimental Guidon or Colour. Whether from its lineage as an infantry or cavalry regiment, the Regiment has evolved into the Regiment of today from the deeds of its soldiers in battle, battles that are forever enshrined on its colours.

As part of that tradition it was customary to have this Colour consecrated (blessed) before God when the Regiment is assembled so all that serve are protected from harm or injustice that may befall them in battle. It is with great ceremony that the Regiment receives their Colours and it is with similar ceremony that Colours are laid to rest.

Custom states the Colours must be deposited for safe keeping in a public place and that determined be it a church or a government institution such as the Alberta Legislature or City Hall’s is the place for which the public can bear witness to the deeds of its Regiment.

A document detailing the current locations of the Colours carried by our perpetuated units may be found under the Monuments tab

The following battle honours have been granted to the South Alberta Light Horse. Those in bold are authorized for emblazonment:

North West Rebellion


The First World War

YPRES, 1915, '17; Gravenstafel; St. Julien; FESTUBERT, 1915; MOUNT SORREL; SOMME, 1916, '18; Flers-Courcelette; Thiepval; Ancre Heights; ARRAS, 1917, '18;

Vimy, 1917; Arleux; Scarpe, 1917, '18; HILL 70; Passchendaele; AMIENS; Drocourt-Quéant; HINDENBURG LINE; Canal du Nord; Cambrai, 1918; PURSUIT TO MONS;


The Second World War

FALAISE; Falaise Road; The Laison; St. Lambert-sur-Dives; Moerbrugge; THE SCHELDT; Woensdrecht; The Lower Maas; Kapelsche Veer; THE RHINELAND;

The Hochwald; Veen; Twente Canal; Bad Zwischenahn; NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944-1945.