Honorary Appointments

The Honorary Colonel and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel (the Honoraries) are selected from distinguished former serving Army officers or Canadian citizens, who are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds.  Typically, they are well-known public and community figures.  Honoraries first and foremost understand that they are honorary and advisory in every capacity who have no operational responsibility within the Regiment.  Nevertheless, the HCol and HLCol provide a critically important link with local community and help ensure that the SALH successfully and effectively connects with Canadians in a meaningful way.  

Further, because of the Regiment’s operational reach and history across the province, SALH Honoraries must also possess a certain business acumen and community influence across the province to properly connect Albertans with the Regiment as well. By their very presence and name, they help build and develop community support for the SALH by providing a public profile and a very public face for the Regiment.  Perhaps one of their most important functions is simply the time they spend with all members of the unit, no matter what their rank or position.  It is always important to note that the role of the HCol and HLCol is intended to support many diverse aspects of Regimental life by lending their patience, leadership experience and wisdom to all serving soldiers and veterans of the Regiment. They are important members of the SALH family.

HCol SALH – J. Angus Watt

HCol Angus Watt graduated from York University in 1974 with a degree in Political Science, and immediately entered the investment industry. Currently, HCol Watt is Managing Director, Individual Investor Services, National Bank Financial. His expertise is in assisting with long term Financial Planning, Group Benefits, and Estate Planning. His group have over 130 years of combined market experience managing over $700,000,000 in assets. He is a past recipient of the Investment Dealers Association ‘Program of Distinction Award’ for the Prairie Region.  

As Central Alberta’s Business Authority, HCol Watt broadcasts over 50 times per week on Global TV and 630 CHED. HCol Watt is a past Chair, Alberta Order of Excellence Council, is Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and a member of The University of Alberta Senate . In addition, he serves as an advisor to Little Warriors and The Hearing Foundation of Canada and is a Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

Previously, HCol Watt was Chair of The United Way of Northern Alberta (two terms), Chair of The Minerva Foundation, The Support Network, The Support Network Foundation, past Director (and past Chair), Edmonton Police Foundation, past board member, TELUS Edmonton Community Board, David Foster & Friends Edmonton Committee, Hockey Canada Foundation 2010 Edmonton Celebrity Classic, City of Edmonton Food & Agriculture Advisory Committee, and a past advisor to The Canadian Cancer Society. He is a past Recipient of the “Paul Harris Fellow”, awarded by the Rotary Club of Canada

HLCol SALH – R. Young, P.Eng, MBA