Veterans Interviews

Our Good Friends at Shaw Spotlight have helped us capture the history of many of our members and veterans.  We also have some in house interviews of our members conducted over the years.  Their stories can be seen and heard below.

Arelis CWO Algirdas Interview.mp4

Barretto, Sgt Mike.mp4

Fairhurst, Wilf and Hawthorne,

Ferguson, John

Fletcher Linda Cpl Interview 7 Nov

Fode, Doug

Girling, Don

Heine, Doug

Krause, Wes Museum

Lawson, MCpl Dean.mp4

Li, Chris 2Lt 4 Apr

Macauley, Arnie

Mast Maj Paul Interview 7 Nov

MacKillop, Steve Capt 4 Apr

McKenzie LCol Robert Interview 7 Nov

McKenzie, MCpl Shawn.mp4

Michaud, Colin

Nystrom Maj Nik Interview 7 Nov

Roberts, William

Schall, Scott MWO 4 Apr

Silcox, Sons of Padre

Silcox MBE Padre


Smallbones, Jim

Steele, Troy LCol 4 Apr

Talty, Brian CWO 4 Apr

Thirlwell, Shawn Maj 4 Apr

Turnbull, Capt Holly.mp4

Wells Cpl Eldon

White Avery Pte.mp4