The Marchpasts of the South Alberta Light Horse

Regimental Quick March
A Southerly Wind and a Cloudy Sky

"The Hunting Song"
Written By: William Joseph Shayer

** Note: The Regimental quick march "A Southerly Wind and a Cloudy Sky" was also adopted from the East Surrey Regiment by the South Alberta Regiment prior to its amalgamation to form the South Alberta Light Horse."

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Verse 1:
A southerly wind and a cloudy sky
Proclaims of a hunting morning
Before the sun rises away we'll fly
Away from our drowsy beds scorning

Verse 2:
To horses, brave boys, and away
All over the hills adorning
The face of all nature looks bright and gay
It's a beautiful hunting morning

Verse 3:
Hark, Hark, forward
Ta rah rah, ta rah rah, ta rah
Hark, Hark, forward
Ta rah rah, ta rah rah, ta rah

Regimental Slow March
The Huntingdonshire

Written By:Lord Charles Montague

** Note: This march was used as the slow march for the East Surrey Regiment prior to it being amalgamated to form the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment.