The C6 Medium Machine Gun

The C6 7.62-mm Medium Machine Gun is a fully-automatic, air-cooled, gas- and spring-operated machine gun that is generally belt-fed from the left. Restricted to firing in full-automatic mode from the open bolt position, the C6 machine gun can fire from 750 to 1100 rounds per minute.

The C6 machine gun can be carried by dismounted soldiers to provide either fire support or sustained fire. The C2 sight is used in conjunction with an aiming post to allow the crew to engage targets they cannot see due to fog, smoke or darkness. The C6 machine gun is light enough to be carried and used by soldiers on a variety of operations including patrolling, advance, hasty defence, delay and withdrawal.

The C6 machine gun is designed for ground support, but its flexible configuration allows it to be adapted to fire from the turret ring of the G-Wagon C&R. This is the standard mode of firing the C6 for the SALH.