The Regiment

The mission of the regiment is to provide formed sub units and individual augmentees to support a wide range of domestic and international deployments from fighting forest fires and floods to participating in international operations across the globe.

SALH soldiers train in both dismounted and mounted reconnaissance operations and take specialty courses on battlefield radars, advanced communications, nuclear, chemical and biological sensors.  When called upon to augment the regular Army, SALH crewmen take advanced qualification courses to fill the roles on the Light Armoured Vehicle and Leopard II - Main Battle Tank.

The Regiment is garrisoned in three armouries across the province.    Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron are in Medicine Hat and Edmonton; ‘A’ Squadron is garrisoned in Medicine Hat at Lt Col M.E. Patterson Armoury with 3 Troop in Lethbridge at Vimy Armoury and ‘B’ Squadron at Brigadier James Curry Jefferson Building in Edmonton.

Soldiers of the regiment train in order to support Domestic and International Operations that may be assigned to the Canadian Armed Forces.