Light Horse Park

Since 2010, the Regiment has continued to build and re-enforce a strong relationship with the community of Old Strathcona. The home of the Dragoon Regimental Headquarters in Edmonton until 1964, Old Strathcona includes both Holy Trinity Anglican Church and the Connaught Armoury (now occupied by the Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS).)  It also houses the train station from which many members of the Regiment were dispatched for service in WWI.

Despite its establishment as a town in 1899, a city in 1907, and amalgamation with Edmonton in 1912, (Old) Strathcona did not have a monument to commemorate its soldiers.  

In 2017, a ground breaking ceremony took place with Mayor Don Iveson.

Anne Frank statue installation occured in 

On October 1, 2022 the Regimental family was joined by federal & provincial representatives, members of the Dutch Canadian community and members of the public to celebrate the completion of Phase II. 

The Regiment currently conducts Remembrance Day activities in Light Horse Park. This community gathering has continued to grow and flourish as an alternative for community leaders and the public to join the Regiment in its act of Remembrance. 

The intent of this project was to:

1. Establish an official cenotaph for the Regiment and people of Old Strathcona to gather in remembrance;

2. Further strengthen the historic ties between the Regiment and the Old Strathcona community to include the YESS and the Holy Trinity Church;

3. Promote the education of the community with respect to the sacrifices made by the Regiment and community during periods of conflict. 

A committee was struck to facilitate the development of Light Horse Park, made up of representatives from

Project Manager:  LCol (Ret'd) Troy G. Steele