Download For 2.6.24-powerpc64-smp-cell

This Is A Mirror For jms's Kernel & Image DEB's



MD5Sum Of Archive:

4e55365eeb3e6b78fdc51aaefdb1409a  2.6.24-Kernel.tar.gz

Files Have Been Placed In A Archive Available At:

Please Run: tar xzf < Path To File>/2.6.24-Kernel.tar.gz To Extract The Files, Then Follow The Instructions From There.

The File MD5Sums.txt Inside The Archive Contains The MD5Sums Of The Files Inside

Example: Mine Is Here:  /home/cookies/2.6.24-Kernel.tar.gz                                                                      Therefore I Run: tar xzf /home/cookies/2.6.24-Kernel.tar.gz

You Can Verify The MD5Sums With The Command:                                                                                          md5sum <Path To File >                                                                                                                           Example: md5sum /home/cookies/2.6.24-Kernel.tar.gz  Please Change "cookies" To Your Username If You Are Going To Use This Example.