Welcome to TRLE/NG Tutorials.
Here, you will find everything you need to know about Tomb Raider Level Editor.
Well, most things :P
I highly suggest you visit a place called Skribblerz, to download NGLE.
That is what I'll be using for the tutorials
You must have TRLE first!.
Feel free to +1 us, or e-mail me as YoshiMad08 on Hotmail.


Ok, we're on Google now. Tell your friends to Google trle/ng tutorials. 
It's the one called "TRLE/NG Tutorials" word-for-word.
I've also started using Google Analytics.
Not that I'll need it much :P No-one ever comes here.
Well, I tried. :D
All I need is a forum.
I'll set up a Social Group on Eidos.

I'm the only person on there!
Any visitors, please stop by!


SUCCESS! We have a person on the mini-forum!
Nearly a year later, I finally update this place. How typical of me xD
Sorry for any neglect. Hoping to get it all back up and running again.
I'll see you some time soon.

(P.S. I now have a Tomb Raider blog! Stuff like Spotify playlists, photo journals and other stuff is all on there.
Check out Raider@PC here to see it!)

-The mysterious webmaster, YoshiMad08