CS2600: Basics of Cryptography (Sem I of 2017-18)

Place: IIT Bhilai

Time span: (Segments 5-6) Oct. 23 -- Nov. 29, 2017

Total course credits: 1 (Equivalent to approximately 14 hours)

InstructorSouradyuti Paul (Office hrs: TBA, Office: 106)

Course contents: Introduction and brief history; symmetric cryptography: one-time pad, stream cipher, block cipher; hash function; asymmetric/public key cryptography: RSA-based encryption and signature schemes; secret sharing; key distribution: Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, Kerberos; Applications: https and VPN protocols.

Learning outcome of the course: Cryptography deals with the techniques of secret writing. Some of the fundamental goals of the subject are data confidentiality, data integrity and authentication. One of the main applications of cryptography is protecting the Internet data.This is a basic level course (1-credit), covering a fair number of classical algorithms achieving the aforementioned goals.  

Time & Venue: Monday 1030 -1200, Tuesday 1200 - 1330; Room 202

Piazza group: TBA

Teaching assistant: TBA

Main textbook: 
- Cryptography: Theory and Practice, D. Stinson, 3rd Edition

Additional reference books:
- Handbook of Applied Cryptography, A.J.Menezes, P.V. Oorschot and S.Vanstone 
  (available online freely)
- Cryptography and Network Security, W. Stallings (5th Edition)

Target audiences: B.Tech (CSE, 2nd year) & M.Tech (CSE, 1st year)

- None

Day-wise coverage of the course contents (in detail)
 Day Date Topics, lecture notes and further reading* Home assignments Practice Problems
                               Segment 5 (Lects. 1 - 5)
 1 FrOct 27
 Introduction, brief history, symmetric cryptography, one-time pad   
 2 MoOct 30Stream cipher: RC4
 3 TuOct 31Block cipher: DES; Block cipher mode
 4 Mo Nov 6Hash function: Hash mode from a block cipher
 5 Tu Nov 7Public-key/Asymmetric crypto: RSA-based cryptosystem and signature
                               Segment 6 (Lects. 6 - 10)
 6 Mo Nov 13Secret sharing: Shamir's threshold scheme
 7 Tu Nov 14Diffie-Hellman Key-agreement
 Nov 20
Tu Nov 21
https protocol, VPN Protocol
 Nov 27
VPN protocol (cont.)
Tu Nov 28
Rump session: overview