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This is the story of Sourabh Bodas
Hello World,

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I am currently doing my PhD in Computer Vision department in Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ralf Reulke and Prof. Dr. Peter Eisert. I am always looking for challenging work apart from my own research. If you have a job suitable for me, please drop me a line.

In 2013 I got AT Kearney scholarship and I presented  my idea about 'Cognitive recognition of users for mobile device security' at Falling Walls Lab and Conference in Berlin in November 2013. I am still developing the Android App for the same, and it's turning out to be little more tricky than it seems at first. If you have free time and you are expert in Android App development, please drop me a line.

I completed my Masters in Computer Vision at Université de Bourgogne and B.E. (Hons) EEE in BITS PILANI - K.K. Birla Goa Campus. I previously worked on my masters internship / thesis at Fraunhofer IGD in Interactive Engineering Technologies department in Darmstadt, Germany. I did my Bachelor's thesis in Institute of Automation in University of Bremen, Germany from June - December 2009.

My areas of technical interest are:
1. Optical inspection systems
2. Optical industrial automation systems
3. Vision based avionic systems
4. Vision based Robotics
5. Computer Vision
6. Embedded systems
7. Intelligent Security Systems
8. Automated Driver Assistance Systems
9. Vision based HMI

I am shifting this online homepage to a new address: for more updates in the future please check https://sites.google.com/view/sourabhbodas