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A soup may be thick and nourishing, as substantial as a light meal. Soups are traditionally a winter food, and indeed, Provencal pumpkin winter soup is very warming. Yet spinach soup is one example of a light soup, and Prawn Bisque with Rice is elegant enough present as the first course at a formal dinner party. In fact, soups provide endless gastronomic scope. There are hot, spicy soups such as Chicken, Avocado & Chipotle soup from Mexico, and others from India and Thailand. Greek Egg and Lemon soup is a refreshing fruit-flavored soup for warmer days, and cold soups, such melon gazpacho and cucumber and smoked salmon, are chilled soups for hot days.


A light soup, garnished with fresh herbs or perhaps a swirl of cream, is the perfect opener to a formal meal, especially if you are planning to follow it with a fairly hearty main course and a very rich dessert. A stylish classic soup is prawn bisque with rice, made special by the addition of brandy and white wine; while sweet potato, apple & Leek Soup as a pretty colour and an unusual ingredient – apple juice. Chilled garlic and almond Soup is a cold soup for a hot summer lunch, with a unusual  combination of flavours.



These thick soups all make a cheering fast lunch during a busy working day. Barley & rice soup with chard is so thick it is almost a vegetarian sew. Beef & vegetable soup and pozole from Mexico, made with pork and chicken, need only 10 minutes’ preparation time and can be left to simmer until ready. Hearty soups are filling, but still light. For a taste of the sun, try Mediterranean fish soup, served with toasted French bread and gruyere cheese. To make Chinese pork  Balls & greens, you bubble the greens briefly in the broth while cooking the pork balls in its steam.