Contributions and contacts


In all these years, with this passion for rare sounding instruments, I have had the opportunity to be involved with some amazing people on many projects: technical projects, buying/selling, remixing etc. These are a few of the people I have had the pleasure of working with or simply being in touch:

Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode / Recoil, remix release for 2012
Paul Kendall, Music producer, Recoil, Depeche Mode, and many other!!
Killing Joke / Thank you Youth... ;-), remix release for 2012
Sleep Museum, New York. a project for 2012
Noisex, Munich, project for 2012
Douglas Mc Carthy, from Nitzer Ebb, Los Angeles 
Martial Canterel / Xeno Oaklander
Mechanical Cabaret
Matthias Jabs (Scorpions)
John Balance/ Coil;  a long time ago
Gary Numan
Hans Zimmer
Vince Clarke a long time ago... Hopefully he didn't buy my RSF kobols. ;-)
The Hacker
Ian Stanley (Tears for fears)
Jean-Paul Verpeaux, having read his literature about synthesizers and particularly about a sequencer design which was published in an elcetronic design magazin  in 1978 which I have built a long time ago... ;-) 
Geoff Tanner, who was Neve head of the Electrical Drawing Office (EDO) 
Bob Moog
Don Buchla
Thorsten Klose (Midibox designer)
Mac Bareille (Papareil Synth Labs)
Juergen Haible
John, Porcupines Studios Arizona          

You can contact me at this address:                    

OMWO Minimal Evening Nov. 2011 



OMWO 2011  : 

V/A Sampler - MINIMAL BABY IV 2CD SET                                                                      


During the  2011 Wave Gothik Treffen in Leipzig, with Camille, Alan Wilder and Jaz from Killing Joke    

During the Recoil European Tour 2010, Alan Wilder    

Matthias Jabs/ Scorpions

During the "Audio Days" 2011 at the Twin Studio in Paris, to demonstrate the new Quantec design.

 HOw I like instruments sometimes... With traces of life and memories... And sometime to some souvenir of good collaborations. ;-)
Geordie Walker

 Alan Wilder, Gary Numan, Paul Kendal, Daniel Miller