USAT National Challenge

USAT National Challenge
Do you need help staying motivated throughout the dark Winter months?

Keep your winter exercise routine fun and exciting by joining us for the USAT National Challenge! Every year, USA Triathlon challenges its athletes to stay active and motivated throughout the winter months by presenting us with the National Challenge:

As a team...
... swim 500 miles in December
... bike 7500 miles in January
... run 2500 miles in February

Throughout the three months all swimming, cycling, and running mileage will help the team's rank against all other teams in the country, so we're extending this invitation out to ALL athletes. If you swim, bike, run, or do any combination of those sports, we want you to use this challenge as motivation, and join Sound Training and Racing to give you that extra boost! Plus, teams with the most mileage of the highlighted sport will win prizes from USAT!

We'll provide sample workouts via email and in-team competitions throughout the National Challenge to keep everyone motivated and progressing over the three months! PLUS, our new Fitness Studio will allow us to stay warm, surrounded by friends, and get in lots of cycling mileage during the cold and dark winter months ahead! This will be a great way to get an early start on your base training for next year!

Annual Sound Training and Racing Members will receive added benefits:
* Access to our private Facebook group
* Additional training opportunities at our new Fitness Studio
* Will be eligible to win prizes each month based on how you rank among your teammates! If you were at our End of the Season Party, you know that we like to give personalized and generous prizes!

Submissions to participate with SOUND Training and Racing are due prior to November 30th. Once you've completed the form below, we'll get you added to our National Challenge Roster and the workout email list!

NOTE: USA Triathlon requires that all National Challenge participants be a USA Triathlon Member, which is $50 for adults and $10 for youth. This 12-month membership eliminates the requirement to purchase one-day memberships for any USA Triathlon sanctioned event.

Check out the Rules page for rules and USAT Prize details.

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Past Results:

* 3rd Place in Division
* 9th Place Overall
STR 3rd place in division!
STR 9th place overall!

Sound Training & Racing Wins Division 5!
2015-2016 USAT NCC Run Month Champions!